2023/2024 A. G. Leventis African Biodiversity Fellowship Program

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Professor Milner-Gulland, the Tasso Leventis Professor of Biodiversity in the Department of Biology, and her colleagues in the Interdisciplinary Centre for Conservation Science are responsible for the administration of the A. G. Leventis African Biodiversity Fellowship Programme, which will begin accepting applicants in September 2021. It connects researchers from other institutions with those at the University of Oxford so that everyone involved in biodiversity conservation may learn from one another and make use of Oxford’s training, resources, and opportunities. Up to three months can be spent in Oxford as part of the scheme, during which time participants can take classes, make professional connections, engage in research projects, and generate new ideas. Oxford also provides pre- and post-visit virtual assistance, training, and networking opportunities. If their proposed research falls within the realm of conservation, awardees are free to use their Fellowship in any University Department.

The program’s three main objectives are as follows:

  1. Helping local and international NGOs, as well as government officials responsible for crafting and enforcing conservation policies, and businesses creating and implementing corporate biodiversity strategies, improve their knowledge, expertise, and connections in order to better aid conservation efforts in their home countries.
  2. To ensure that Oxford’s conservation research is informed by and relevant to real-world conservation concerns, and is conducted in conjunction with end-users in-country;
  3. The goal is to increase Oxford’s potential to make a real-world change by fostering long-term ties between scholars at Oxford and conservation practitioners.

• Senior staff members, who would benefit from the opportunity to take part in the program and step away from their NGO, government, or business environment and commitments for a short period of time to develop new strategic approaches, write up their ideas, or build partnerships should consider applying for this scheme.
• Also, the ICCS group and the University of Oxford encourage applications from early-career professionals who might benefit from the academic opportunities available at both institutions. Especially if you feel that you might improve your career by gaining knowledge, analyzing and publishing your data, and expanding your professional network abroad.

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