2023 Nigerian PwC Graduate Associate Program

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PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) Nigeria has been operating a business in Nigeria since 1953 under the names Coopers & Lybrand and Price Waterhouse, which were the businesses that preceded it.


  • NYSC completion is required.
  • A grade of at least a second class for upper division or upper credit
  • A minimum of five O-level credits must be earned in a single sitting, with English language and mathematics among those credits.

The PwC Professional is a global framework for the development of leadership skills. It defines the capabilities that we seek for in all of our people, from associate level all the way up to partner level that will assist us to thrive as purpose-led and values-driven leaders. PwC actively seeks out and strives to cultivate the following attributes in all of our people:

Complete leadership: I inspire myself and others to behave in ways that are accountable, genuine, resilient, inclusive, and driven by a desire to make a good difference.

Competence in business – I bring business expertise, creativity, and insight to the table in order to generate differentiated value for PwC clients and for the company itself.

Technical and digital – In order to provide quality and value, I draw upon a wide variety of professional competencies, including both technical and digital skills.

Global and inclusive: I work and collaborate well with others because I have a mindset that goes beyond borders and welcomes different points of view.

Relationships: I work to cultivate high-quality, sincere, and emotionally significant connections with others.

Starting your career with PwC is an incredible opportunity, particularly if you are a recent graduate in search of your first job after graduation. Can you really fathom what it would mean to have access to more than 328,000 coworkers in more than 152 countries, and to be able to do all of that from your very own location in Nigeria? If you decide to become one of our members, you will be given access to a global network of experts who will assist you in learning new things, expanding your horizons, and maturing into the kind of successful professional you have always dreamed of being. Our company thrives because of its diverse employee pool.

  • PwC is continuously on the lookout for recent graduates who possess a diverse set of academic credentials, professional experiences, and life experiences.
  • You will begin your employment with other recent graduates, and you will learn from one another just as much as you learn from us.
  • You’ll have numerous possibilities to create, but most importantly, you’ll form some relationships that will last a lifetime while you’re there.
  • Join PwC and let’s start to work on something together! Your professional qualifications are going to be an extremely important factor in your career.
  • You will receive all of the assistance and tools necessary to succeed in your professional examinations from PwC. Our worldwide network can provide us with a tremendous development opportunity, which is international development, which we can pursue.
  • This allows you the option to spend a year or two acquiring experience and fresh views with one of our PwC firms throughout the world or to discover different cultures during short-term client projects or training courses overseas.
  • Join our community of problem solvers and turn your potential into an experience that will transform you by working at PwC, where you will be offered numerous possibilities to innovate.

Application may be submitted by clicking Here.

Deadline: March 20, 2023

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