2023 PSG Africa Talents: Developing New Businesses and New Ideas in Africa

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To aid in the design, production, and marketing of PSG’s official products across Africa, the company is on the lookout for innovative companies and entrepreneurs to construct the next collaborative platform. The goal is to use technology to enable the future manufacturing of items locally using short circuits and to further engage their fans throughout the continent. This will be accomplished by leveraging technology.

Is it possible for your firm to make use of technology to encourage and facilitate the development of local talent across Africa? You are able to establish the next African platform for inspiration, innovation, production, and dissemination, are you correct? Take part in this competition right away for a chance to bring attention to the future generation of African talent.

There is a grand prize of a license to the Accelerator Squared program up for grabs, and you’ll get the chance to exhibit your idea at the African Union and European Union Innovation Festival in Cape Town.

Participate in the development of PSG in Africa by building the instrument that will enable the club to increase the level of engagement and connection it has with its supporters located across the continent.

PSG is searching for the next generation of collaborative platforms so that they may create, produce, and distribute PSG merchandise closer to their supporters in Africa. The ultimate goal of this platform is to facilitate the collaboration between Paris Saint-Germain Football Club and local manufacturers and creative thinkers in order to develop PSG’s future product line. In addition, Paris Saint-Germain wants this platform to make it possible for us to deliver their products to their supporters in the quickest and most environmentally friendly manner possible, while also making use of the appropriate distribution channels and a payment mechanism that is tailored to their needs.

Check that your proposal addresses all of the requirements listed below:

Make contact with the important players.

Your solution should make it possible for the club to communicate its requirements to a variety of communities and exchange project briefs with a large number of businesses located all over Africa.

Encourage originality and production on the local level.

Your solution should make it possible to entice the most forward-thinking designers and manufacturers to communicate with one another and recommend the most effective strategy to satisfy the requirement of the local community.

Distribute and adapt to the needs of local markets

Your solution should make it possible for PSG to identify the most suitable partners to meet the requirements of the local distribution difficulties and to provide suitable payment ways.


Convince the PSG that this is an excellent opportunity to showcase the future generation of African talent.

Finalist awards include:

  • Invite to the culminating event to be held in Cape Town
  • A license to use the internet platform known as Accelerator Squared

In front of innovation specialists from Paris Saint-Germain, you will get the chance to propose your idea at a big AU-EU Innovation festival during the Final Event Ceremony. You will also have the chance to network with key players from the European and African innovation ecosystem and, who knows… possibly collaborate with Paris Saint Germain for the future development of your project.


The application period is from March 2023 till April 30, 2023.

Dates for the shortlist: May 1st to May 14th, 2023

Final Event: June 15 2023 Final event

The championship round will be held at the biennial AU-EU Innovation Festival, which will be held in Cape Town (South Africa) this year. This event will bring together significant actors from the innovation ecosystems in both Europe and Africa. It is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to gain exposure on a worldwide scale and embrace incredible networking possibilities.

During the event, the three finalists will each present their idea to a panel of innovation specialists from the Paris Saint-Germain, who will serve as the jury.

The 15th of June in the year 2023

For Further Details

Please check out the Official Website.

The deadline for applications is April 30th, 2023.

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