2023 Sanofi Healthcare Access Challenge for startups and businesses with new ideas.

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Sanofi is looking for innovative new businesses and aspiring business owners in Africa who are ready to take on the challenge of enhancing the delivery of illness treatments and access to care in that region. Your new company has the potential to break new ground and develop therapies that go beyond traditional pharmaceuticals, all while removing obstacles that prevent patients from receiving necessary medical care and medication, correct?​

Take part in the competition right away for a chance to develop and test your idea in collaboration with Sanofi and its subsidiaries.​

You will also have the chance to present your solution at the African Union and European Union Innovation Festival in Cape Town, and if you win, a Sanofi team will work with you as a mentor to help bring your idea to life.​​


Patient care services

How can we use community-based approaches that are sustainable as well as pharmacies to increase patients’ awareness, screening, and connection to care?

Construction of capabilities for healthcare providers (HCPs)

How can one construct a model that is both sustainable and effective for the capability building of HCPs?

Distribution of Vaccines and Treatments Directly to the Individual Patient

What steps can we take to enhance the delivery of medications and vaccines, beginning with the procurement stage and continuing all the way through to the patient?

Funding for health-related expenses

How exactly may patients’ financial burdens and risks be reduced through the implementation of various funding solutions?


Convince Sanofi, and get the two of you to start conducting experiments together!

Finalist awards include:

  • Gain access to the coaching and mentoring of senior executives from Sanofi in order to expedite the development of your solution. The beginning of discussions with Sanofi’s subject matter specialists to conduct an evaluation and investigate the prospect of forming a partnership with Sanofi in Africa
  • Invitation to the culminating event that will take place in Cape Town
  • Visibility through Sanofi Africa’s primary communication channels as well as ENRICH in Africa’s main communication channels
  • A valid license for use of the Accelerator Squared web platform

You will have the opportunity to give a presentation at a major AU-EU Innovation event in front of executives from Sanofi and network with important participants from the innovation ecosystems in both Europe and Africa during the Final Event Ceremony. This presentation will take place in front of Sanofi executives.

The concluding competition

The championship round will be held at the annual AU-EU Innovation Event, which will be held this year in Cape Town (South Africa). This event will bring together significant actors from the innovation ecosystems in both Europe and Africa. It is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to gain exposure on a worldwide scale and embrace incredible networking possibilities.

During the event, the three companies who have made it thus far will each give a presentation about their idea in front of a panel of judges consisting of innovation specialists and executives from Sanofi.

The 15th of June, 2023 is the date in question.


  • The application period is from March 20th, 2023 till April 30th, 2023. Answer a few questions & submit your 5–10 slides ppt presentation to present your response.
  • Shortlisting: May 1, 2023 – May 14, 2023 Sanofi and its ENRICH in Africa partners will evaluate all of the applications and choose which projects to fund.
  • Final Event: June 15, 2023 – At the end of the competition, the three finalists will each receive an invitation to present their ideas at the AU-EU innovation festival in Cape Town.

Please visit This Link to Start the Application Process.

Deadline: April 30, 2023

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