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2024 Acceleration Program for Female Entrepreneurs in Africa

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Applications are currently being accepted for the 2024 BIC Africa Online Acceleration Programme. This program, in its fourth iteration, aims to assist 20 women entrepreneurs, with 15 hailing from Angola, Comoros, Ethiopia, Madagascar, Somalia, and other Sub-Saharan African countries. These entrepreneurs are seeking to expand their businesses while contributing to the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The programme will span from April to July 2024, lasting for 4 months. It targets established women entrepreneurs with post-revenue startups or businesses across various sectors and types. Participants will benefit from online training modules, coaching sessions, individual exercises, and networking opportunities with experienced women experts from Africa and Europe who specialize in supporting innovative entrepreneurs and startups.


  • BIC seeks established women entrepreneurs eager to explore business growth (potentially internationalization) with the support of the BIC Africa Acceleration Programme.
  • Twenty chosen women entrepreneurs will undergo a comprehensive online training course comprising 6 modules. They will also engage in group coaching sessions (4 sessions) to delve deeper into specific topics covered in the training. Additionally, they will participate in 2 networking sessions, gain access to the BIC Africa Women Acceleration alumni network, and avail themselves of other networking and market linkage opportunities and events.

Preferred Candidate Profile:

  • Must be a woman, at least 18 years old, and the founder/owner of an established firm with an operational team and great development potential
  • Must be available between April and July 2024 to commit to the Programme, allocating a maximum of 2 hours per week for online sessions, plus additional time for individual work and reflection on the learnings.
  • Must currently operate a start-up or company that has been registered for at least 1 year and is seeking expansion.
  • Must demonstrate a dedication to actively participate in all Programme activities and contribute to future Programme developments.
  • Must have access to a reliable internet connection.
  • Must possess a good working proficiency in the English language.

Programme Details:

The main components of the programme comprise:

  • Six online interactive training modules, each lasting 1.5 hours, covering topics such as Mission and Unique Value Proposition; Product Development; Business Model; Team & Partnerships; Finance; Marketing.
  • Four online group coaching sessions, each lasting 1.5 hours, focusing on areas like Leadership and influencing skills; Mastering personal and business finances; Storytelling and pitch training; Time management and prioritization.
  • Two Networking sessions, held at the program’s onset and conclusion.
  • Provision of support documents and session recordings.
  • Inclusion in the BIC Africa Community of women entrepreneurs, featuring visibility on the BIC Africa website, membership in the dedicated LinkedIn group, and access to additional networking and market linkage opportunities and events.

Benefits of the programme include:

  • Participants who successfully complete the 12-week course acceleration programme (attending at least 9 out of the 12 sessions) will receive a Certificate of recognition in electronic format from EBN – BIC Africa project.
  • High-performing participants may be selected for remote one-to-one Mentoring sessions by the BIC Africa expert committee, providing them with the opportunity to be matched with a European incubation expert to guide their growth trajectory. Further details will be provided at the program’s outset.
  • Additional Business Awards, such as extra support, increased visibility on the BIC Africa website, and invitations to participate in BIC Africa events, may be available to high-performing participants selected by the BIC Africa expert committee.

The BIC Africa Acceleration Programme aims to assist the 20 participants in:

  • Exploring growth and scaling trajectories for their businesses and solutions.
  • Evaluating team competencies and adapting their business models for the growth phase.
  • Articulating the social value proposition by identifying how their proposed solution contributes to the SDGs.
  • Accessing appropriate sector-specific, local, and international experts.
  • Joining a dynamic community of women entrepreneurs for learning, exchange, and networking.
  • Connecting with BIC Africa and the European Business Innovation Centre Network (EBN) to leverage the impact of women entrepreneurs.

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