2024 Einstein Forum / Wittenstein Fellowship (EUR 10,000 & Reimbursed Travel Expense)

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The Einstein Forum and the Wittenstein Fund offer a fellowship to exceptional young thinkers who aspire to undertake a topic in a subject that is distinct from that in which they have conducted previous study. The fellowship was established to provide financial assistance to individuals who, in addition to producing outstanding work in their respective fields of study, are also willing to consider perspectives from other domains and fields of study. Albert Einstein served as the model for this type of support.

At the conclusion of their time as a fellow, the individual will be expected to deliver a public talk about their project at both the Einstein Forum and the Wittenstein Foundation. The Albert Einstein Fellowship is not open to candidates who already have started an academic program but would like to finish it.

In order for an application to be considered valid, it must present evidence of the applicant’s superior intellectual progress in addition to the high quality, originality, and practicability of the project that is being offered. The applicant’s status as a current or prospective doctoral student is irrelevant. During the course of the fellowship, the suggested project does not need to be totally finished; rather, it can serve as the Launchpad for a more extensive endeavor.


Applicants must be under 35 years old and have a bachelor’s degree in either the humanities, social sciences, or natural sciences.


For a period of five to six months, the fellowship provides housing in Einstein’s summer home’s garden cottage in Caputh, Brandenburg. This location provides easy access to the cultural and educational opportunities available in nearby Potsdam and Berlin. The fellow will receive a yearly remuneration of EUR 10,000 as well as reimbursement for all related travel costs.

The following items must be submitted with your application:

  • a curriculum vitae
  • a project proposal no longer than two pages, and two letters of recommendation.

By the 15th of May in 2023, all submissions must have been received.

To submit an application, please go Here before the May 15th, 2023 deadline.

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