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15 Free Security Courses Online With Certificates

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Are you a security guard or officer seeking free security courses or online certifications in security training? Are you interested in discovering the best cyber security courses available for free on the internet? Do you wish to enhance your knowledge of security but are uncertain about where to begin? Are you searching for information on online courses that can augment your security job portfolio? This guide compiles a comprehensive list of free courses in physical security guard training and cyber security, all accessible online.

While some of these security courses are entirely free, others may require a nominal fee for certification. The certificate of completion obtained from these courses qualifies you to apply your acquired knowledge in the security industry, serving as validation for your training and establishing the credibility of your expertise. Notably, many of these courses are offered by prestigious global institutions through popular online learning platforms such as Udemy, edX, and Coursera.

If you’re eager to explore these opportunities, stay tuned to gain valuable insights!

Who qualifies for enrollment in the Free Security Course Programme?

Primarily, security courses cater to security officers and guards seeking to augment their on-the-job knowledge. Nevertheless, individuals desiring to enhance their understanding of security can also pursue these courses for security-related purposes.

Where can I apply my free security certification to the workforce?

Security officers holding free or paid certifications find opportunities across various sectors. Upon successful completion of free online security officer training, you can explore roles such as:

• Locksmith

• Security Analyst

• Cyber Security Technician

• Security Systems Technician

• Security Consultant or Expert

• Advanced Security Systems Developer

• Security Guard for governments, officials, financial institutions, laboratories, automotive manufacturers, private individuals, etc.

Is a university degree necessary to obtain a security certification?

Absolutely not. You are not required to attend a university to become a certified security guard. While studying at an accredited institution is an option, it is not the sole avenue available.

Are there free online courses offering certifications for security guards?

Certainly, there are free security guard courses online that provide certifications. In our technologically advanced age, a plethora of courses is accessible at your fingertips, provided you know where to find them. Below, you will discover a compilation of courses offering security certifications for free!

15 Online Security Courses with Certifications at No Cost.

If you’re seeking an online security course, the comprehensive list below offers ample choices. Moreover, several free online security courses provide certification upon completion.

To facilitate your search, we’ve organized these courses based on your specific security requirements:

#1. Cyber Threat Online Security Intelligence Course.

  • Offered by: IBM via Coursera.
  • Duration: 29 hours or 5 weeks.

This course lays the groundwork for essential cybersecurity skills necessary to comprehend key concepts and ideas related to threat intelligence. Additionally, students gain proficiency in utilizing various data containment tools and classifying data in a database environment, among other topics.

#2. Cyber Security Threats Online Security Intelligence Course.

  • Offered By: CyberTraining365 on Udemy.
  • Duration: Not specified.

This advanced cyber security threat online course exposes students to the seven stages of threat intelligence at no cost. This encompasses hunting, extraction features, behavior extraction, clustering and correlation, threat actor attribution, tracking, and taking down.

Please Note.

While some courses in this section are free, others come at a nominal cost ranging from 10 to 50 euros to obtain a certificate of completion.

#3. Essential Security Guard Skills.

  • Cost: 50 euros

This online security officer training, available at no cost, provides students with practical skills and techniques to ensure the safety of people, buildings, and properties.

#4. Security Guard Training Course.

  • Cost: 12 euro.
  • Duration: 200 hours.

This course is exclusively designed for security officers, professional guards, and beginners in the field. It focuses on enhancing your confidence and skills to efficiently handle emergencies and safety issues.

#5. Professional Security Guard Course on Protection Against Explosive Devices and Terrorist Attacks.

Included in our compilation of free online security courses with certifications, this course delves into the knowledge surrounding explosive devices. If you aspire to combat terrorism, this course is an ideal choice.

#6. Fire Extinguisher Professional Security Guard Course.

  • Duration: 2 hour.

Upon completion of these free online security courses, you will receive a certificate of completion. Accredited and approved by RoSPA and certified by CPD, this course is among the most professional security courses available online.

#7. Online Security Guard Course Covering Operations in the Private Security Sector.

  • Duration: 2 hours.

This course covers fundamental skills such as customer service, HSE, emergency procedures, crime detection, monitoring security skills, and more. As the name suggests, obtaining this certificate opens doors to security jobs within the private security industry.

If you’re not focused on cyber security and intelligence, the courses listed in this section are tailored for you. This collection is also suitable for security officers aspiring to work with government entities, financial institutions, and personal security details. By obtaining certifications from these online security courses, you can apply for positions in security agencies requiring your expertise.

#8. Advanced Physical Security and Risk Assessment.

  • Certified by: Henley-Putnam School of Strategic Security, National American University.

Considered one of the most popular free online security guard training courses, it caters to both seasoned professionals and aspiring security officers. The course covers elements of threat assessment, along with crucial topics such as stalking and workplace violence.

#9. Physical Security Specialist Online Course.

  • Offered by: International Security Training Agency.

Become proficient in physical security by exploring topics like physical security countermeasures, duress alarms, key control systems, intrusion detection systems, and more.

#10. End User Physical Security Online Course.

  • Certified by: Cybrary.

This online course for security personnel provides a certificate of completion. Key modules include access control policies, internal security, monitoring, and various physical security methods.

#11. IQ Level 5 Certificate in Physical Security.

  • Offered by: International Secure Minds Training Academy (iSMATA).

This course focuses on modern security measures, enhancing your skills, and gaining recognition in the industry.

Take Note

While these are free online security courses with certifications in India, individuals from both India and other countries can enroll.

#12. Basics of Internet Security: Protect Your Environment.

  • Offered by: Udemy.

Learners acquire skills in safeguarding their online businesses, websites, social media pages, and other platforms from cyber-attacks and hacks.

#13. Fintech Security and Regulation.

  • Provided via Coursera by Hong Kong University of Science & Technology.
  • Duration: 14 hours.

Upon completion, students gain insights into handling security issues related to cryptocurrencies and other ICO products. The course is conducted in English or Chinese.

#14. Introduction to Cyber Security.

  • Offered by: The Open University through FutureLearn Online.
  • Duration: 8 weeks.

Included in our list of the best free online security courses with certifications, this course covers internet safety and security, cyber security skills, network security, cryptography, and risk management.

#15. Enterprise and Infrastructure Security.

  • Offered by: Tandon School of Engineering, New York University, through the Coursera platform.
  • Duration: 4 weeks.

Explore an exceptionally advanced free security officer training course available online, though it may not be entirely free. This course delves into advanced and contemporary topics in cyber security, and successful completion earns you a certificate.

Is there available online security training designed for beginners?

Certainly, beginners seeking to grasp the basics of security can explore the following free online courses:

  • SANS Cyber Access Online
  • Cyber Security Essentials from edX
  • Cyber Security for Beginners by Heimdall
  • Introduction to Cyber Security by Coursera
  • Risk Management in the Information Age by Harvard Cyber Security.

Are there free online security courses offering internationally recognized certifications?

Absolutely, all the free security guard or officer courses that provide certificates are internationally valid and acknowledged.


Whether you are a security guard, officer, physical security specialist, or a novice aiming to attain certification online at no cost, this article presents these courses within your reach. Acquiring a free security certification not only enhances your career but also makes you a highly sought-after professional, adding significant value to any company you join.

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