2024 Global African Translation Fellowship by African Institute: Unlocking Opportunities

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The Africa Institute is seeking applicants for its Global Africa Translation Fellowship as part of its African Languages and Translation Program. This fellowship, which is non-residential, aims to facilitate the translation of significant texts in African and African Diaspora studies for a wider global audience. Recipients will work outside of The Africa Institute (Sharjah, UAE).


The fellowship offers funding ranging from $1,000 to $5,000, depending on the scope and quality of the project. Projects may include retranslations of classic texts, previously untranslated works, poetry, prose, or collections of critical theory. Projects may be ongoing or new, with completion feasible within the grant’s timeframe.


The fellowship invites applications from the Global South for translations of works from Africa and its diaspora into English or Arabic (other languages are also considered).

Selection Process:

Applications will be assessed by The Africa Institute’s faculty and research fellows. Selection criteria include the quality of the proposal and the applicant’s ability to complete the project.


The monetary award will be distributed in two installments: the first at the project’s commencement and the second upon completion. The Africa Institute requires a copy of the translation for archival purposes only, with no intention of publication or use without the awardee’s consent.

Application Requirements:

  • A concise two-page CV/résumé detailing institutional affiliation, educational credentials (including the highest degree obtained), and notable publications or works.
  • A succinct two-page narrative outlining the proposed translation project for the fellowship period. This narrative should include the significance of the work, reasons for re-translation (if applicable), and projected completion dates. The project may either be in progress or a new endeavor feasible within the grant’s duration.
  • A 4–5-page (double-spaced) sample of both the original text(s) and the translation.
  • Documentation regarding the copyright status of the work: If the work is not in the public domain, include a copy of the copyright notice from the original text, along with a letter from the copyright holder confirming the availability of English language rights to the work.

Application Procedure:

All submissions should compile the statement, sample, copyright status (if applicable), and CV into a single PDF file. The file name should follow this format: LASTNAME-FIRSTNAME.pdf. Use the same name in the email subject line (LASTNAME-FIRSTNAME application) and send the PDF as an attachment to applications@theafricainstitute.org.

For Further Details,

Application Deadline: June 1, 2024.

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