2024 Mixed Migration Centre Short Essay Contest: Opportunity for Writers

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The Mixed Migration Review (MMR), MMC’s annual flagship report, seeks to provide a platform for diverse voices in the migration discourse. To this purpose, MMC welcomes young migration researchers and writers from Asia, Africa, and Latin America to enter a short essay competition. The five winners will have their essays featured in a dedicated section of MMR2024 titled “Alternative Perspectives” and will receive a prize of USD 1,000 each.

The winning essays should provide viewpoints on essential topics such as migration’s role in politics, politics’ impact on migration, migration narratives, and public perceptions of migration. Participants are encouraged to focus on their perceptions, ideas, and opinions from the standpoint of their home country about situations in common destination countries, whether regional, in the Global South, or the Global North. For instance, authors should explore how destination countries approach migration attitudes, policies, and politics. They should delve into whether migrants are welcomed or rejected, treated equally or discriminated against, and analyze the implications of such treatment. Participants are also encouraged to reflect on recent changes, any sense of injustice or frustration surrounding destination country politics on migration, and the impact of such factors on migration decisions. Additionally, they should consider the role of migration in destination country elections and make comparisons between how their own country treats migrants and how migrants from their country of origin are treated in destination countries.


The five winning essays will be featured in a special section of MMR 2024 called “Alternative Perspectives” and will be awarded a prize of USD 1,000 each.


The competition is open to writers aged 30 or younger, originating from and residing in Asian, African, and Latin American countries.

Selection Process

Competition essays should explore the specified themes, offering original insights and addressing less-explored aspects. Submissions can take the form of opinion pieces, personal stories, or articles in a reportage style. Analytical or academic pieces are discouraged, and participants are encouraged to present well-written ideas and experiences, proposing original ideas for improved migration policies.

Application Process

To initiate your application, please follow the provided link to submit a brief abstract of your proposed essay by May 3, 2024. Abstracts must be composed in English and should not surpass 200 words in length. Each applicant may submit only one abstract, although co-authorship (multiple authors contributing to one essay) is permitted. However, the prize money will be awarded to one individual per essay.

The MMC review team will select the most compelling abstracts, and the authors of these abstracts will be invited to compete for the essay prizes. Applicants invited to compete based on their accepted abstracts will be notified by May 24 and will have one month to complete their 1,500-word essay. It is important to adhere to the strict word limit, as essays exceeding 1,500 words will be disqualified. All final essays must be submitted by June 24. The outcome of the contest will be disclosed by July 15th. Please note that no prizes will be awarded for having an abstract accepted and being invited to compete. A maximum of five essays will be chosen for publication in MMR2024, and the authors of these essays will receive the prize money.

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Application Deadline: May 3, 2024.

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