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2024 MTN Foundation Champs Program: Free Opportunity for Nigerian Students

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MTN CHAMPS is a Nigerian program designed to uncover and nurture athletic talent nationwide, inspired by the Jamaican High School CHAMPS. Its goal is to serve as a primary platform for identifying and supporting promising athletes who could represent Nigeria in prestigious international competitions like the Olympics and World Championships.

Focused on discovering and cultivating athletic potential, MTN CHAMPS has the potential to revolutionize Nigeria’s sports scene. Through this initiative, talented individuals from all regions of the country will have the chance to demonstrate their abilities and receive the necessary training and support to excel as world-class athletes.


  • Talented individuals from all parts of Nigeria will:
  • Showcase their skills
  • Receive comprehensive training and support to realize their potential as elite athletes
  • Chosen athletes will receive full financial support through study scholarships.


  • Nigerian youths passionate about athletics are encouraged to apply for the MTN Foundation CHAMPS Program.

Application Process:

Click the provided link to apply.

For further details,

Application deadline: April 15, 2024.

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