2024 Nigeria Energy Forum Student Energy Pitch Contest for Tertiary Institutions

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The Tertiary Institutions Energy Pitch Challenge (TIEC) aims to foster student-led clean energy innovations, raise awareness, and encourage investments in higher education institutions in Nigeria. Established in 2023 through a collaboration between NEF and sponsored by All On, an impact investment firm, TIEC2024 will showcase impactful energy innovations developed by student teams from tertiary institutions across Nigeria. Selected teams will have the opportunity to pitch their ideas in person or through a hybrid format at the 9th Nigeria Energy Forum at Marcellina Centre, Along Radisson Hotel, Ikeja GRA, Lagos, Nigeria. Winning teams will receive a portion of over 3 million Naira in prizes.

The key themes for TIEC2024 are:

  • Empowering Agribusiness
  • Energizing Healthcare
  • Supporting Local Manufacturing
  • Promoting Cleaner Production


  1. Winning teams will receive a share of 3.5 million Naira USD grants to pilot or scale up their project prototypes, with 1.5 million Naira for the first prize, 1.1 million Naira for the second prize, and 0.9 million Naira for the third prize.
  2. Each shortlisted team must have at least two student representatives (including at least one woman and one man) accompanied by one faculty staff member. They will receive complimentary registration, hotel accommodation, and travel/logistics support to participate fully in NEF2024 technical training, networking, capacity-building sessions, and the Live Pitch Finals scheduled for Tuesday, July 9, 2024, in Lagos.


Open to students from tertiary institutions in Nigeria only.

  • Teams must consist of undergraduate or master’s students registered in Nigerian tertiary institutions, including universities, polytechnics, technical colleges, and other degree-awarding institutions.
  • Teams may include students from different departments or faculties within an institution to encourage collaboration and innovation.
  • Each team must be mentored by a faculty or institutional staff member. Additionally, student chapters of professional institutions such as IEEE, NiMechE, NSE, and others are encouraged to participate.
  • Gender equity and balance in team composition are strongly encouraged and must be maintained throughout all stages of the project, from ideation to delivery.
  • Past TIEC winners are encouraged to serve as ambassadors by promoting the opportunity and mentoring upcoming teams instead of resubmitting previous entries.

Selection Process

Key Dates:

  • May 7, 2024 – Stage 1: Submission of Pitch Deck (maximum of 7 slides) outlining the idea, problem statement, proposed innovation solution, cost-benefit analysis, team composition, and impact.
  • June 9, 2024 – Notification of Shortlisted entries to proceed to Stage 2 & Stage 3.
  • June 17, 2024 – Stage 2: Shortlisted entries submit a 1-page Poster illustrating the concept, technical design, delivery plan, and cost/benefit analysis. Teams also upload a 1-minute Pitch video on social media.
  • July 8–9, 2024 – Stage 3: Arrival in Lagos; Poster Presentation; Live Pitch Finals & Awards at NEF2024.
  • November 21, 2024: Winners submit a 120-second video and present highlights of progress and grant impact.

Eligibility for Round 2:

  • The top 15 teams shortlisted from Round 1 will nominate up to 3 representatives, including 2 students (at least 1 woman) and 1 faculty member, to attend training and present a poster and pitch at the Round 2 finals on July 9.
  • Posters must not exceed 1 page and should briefly describe the proposed solution, technical design, economic feasibility, development timeline, business model, and target market.
  • Posters must be submitted by June 9, 2024, and will be evaluated by an independent panel of judges.
  • Valid proof of studentship and staff ID must be provided for the 2 student representatives and 1 faculty member for each team.
  • On June 17, 2024, posters will be presented by each of the 15 teams to participants, starting at 8:30 am.

Eligibility for Round 3:

  • Each team will deliver a 2-minute pitch showcasing the proposed energy innovation solution. Teams may include optional visual aids such as prototypes, models, or simulations to enhance their presentation.
  • The average scores from an independent expert panel, with weighting as follows: Round 1 (30%), Round 2 (40%), and Round 3 (30%), will determine the winners.
  • The top 3 winners will receive grants, and their progress will be monitored from July to October. The most successful project(s) will be invited to present progress at the November 21st Webcast.
  • Teamship and performance will also be evaluated in Round 3, along with the technical and economic assessment criteria used in Rounds 1 and 2.

Method of Application

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  • Submit a Pitch Deck (up to 7 slides) outlining the idea, problem statement, innovation potential, and impact.
  • Shortlisted entries will present a Poster illustrating the concept, technical design, delivery plan, and cost/benefit analysis at NEF2023 Day.
  • Finalists will submit a 90-second video pitch summarizing their innovation.

For More Information,

Application Deadline: May 7, 2024.

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