2024 Tubitak International Fellowship for Early-Stage Researchers to Study in Turkey

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Currently, submissions are open for the Tubitak International Fellowship 2024 targeting Early-Stage Researchers.

The objective of the program is to support young researchers under the age of 40, with a particular focus on Turkish scientists, who have demonstrated exceptional scientific and/or technological accomplishments in their respective fields. The aim is to encourage them to conduct research in Turkey and provide assistance for their work in leading state or foundation universities, research infrastructures specified under Law no. 6550, public research institutes, private sector companies with R&D or design centers, or equity firms established in Turkey within technoparks.

The fellowship program entails the following components:

  1. Stipend for the coordinator
  2. Family allowance, if applicable
  3. Initial research grant
  4. Research project grant
  5. Grant designated for establishing a research team, which includes scholarships for up to 5 graduate students and post-doctoral researchers that the project coordinator will incorporate into the research team for their work in Turkey
  6. Project Incentive Bonus for researchers engaged in the research project
  7. Institutional contribution allowance for the hosting organization
  8. Health insurance coverage for the coordinator and their family
  9. Travel allowance for the coordinator and their family
  10. Mentoring Support

The fellowship duration ranges from a minimum of 24 months to a maximum of 36 months.v

Support ItemAmount in Turkish LiraSupport ItemAmount in Turkish Lira (per month)
Initial Research Grant (Lump Sum) for Experienced Researchers 2.350.000 Scholarship for the Coordinator 100.000
Research Project Grant 1.650.000 Family Allowance for the Coordinator10.000
Travel AllowanceCost of flight tickets for arrivalsCost of flight tickets for arrivals Scholarship for Establishing Research Team (for expenses related up to 5 postgraduate students or postdoc researchers) MSc full / part-time scholarship (13.500 TL / 4.000 TL)PhD full / part-time scholarship (20.000 TL / 5.500 TL)Post-Doctoral Researcher full-time scholarship (27.000 TL)
Institutional Share Allowance for Host Institution 18,000
Project Incentive Bonus for Researchers 2500
Health Insurance for the Coordinator and His/Her Family Per person370

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Application Deadline: April 30, 2024

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