2024 Worldwide Immerse Education Essay Contest: Student Competition

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The Immerse Education Essay Competition offers students aged 13–18 the opportunity to submit essays on topics of their choice within subjects of interest. With a selection of over twenty questions available in the comprehensive Essay Competition Guide, participants can choose a question that resonates with them. Ten winners will be granted a 100% scholarship to study at a prestigious university of their preference, while exceptional runners-up will also receive partial scholarships.


  • Scholarship Opportunities: The competition provides students with the chance to win full or partial scholarships for Online Programmes or residential programmes in renowned locations like Oxford, Cambridge, Sydney, London, and more.
  • Support Throughout: Immerse offers full support to participants as they craft their essays, providing free guides and invaluable tips along the way. By signing up, contestants can access the complete Essay Competition Guide and receive ongoing assistance.
  • Showcase Knowledge: This competition serves as a platform for students to showcase their depth of knowledge by responding to advanced university-style questions.
  • Skill and Knowledge Development: Participants have the opportunity to enhance their essay writing skills and broaden their knowledge base, potentially learning new concepts throughout the process.
  • Strengthen Self-Discipline: Engaging in this competition allows students to bolster their self-discipline as they commit to and complete a challenging project from start to finish.


  • 1st Place: Ten winners will receive a 100% scholarship.
  • Runners-Up: Partial scholarships of up to 50% will be awarded to study their chosen subject with Immerse. The number of runners-up will depend on the quantity and quality of entries received, typically amounting to around 7% of entrants receiving scholarship funding for an Immerse programme.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • The Immerse Education Essay Competition welcomes students of all nationalities from across the globe.
  • Applicants must be between the ages of 13 and 18 at the time of their chosen program.
  • Interest in a wide range of subjects is encouraged, spanning from Architecture to Medicine, Creative Writing to Film Studies.

Application Process:

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For Further Details,

Application Deadline: September 12, 2024.

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