2025 Nedbank Chartered Accountant Training Programme for Young South Africans

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Through the Nedbank CA Training Programme, you can customize your rotations and align your articles with your career aspirations, while benefiting from access to coaches and mentors who will aid in your professional development.


  • Over the three-year CA training period within the Nedbank CA Training Programme, participants will rotate across various divisions within the bank.
  • Efficiently manage deliverables within specified turnaround times, adhering to role requirements and rotations, while actively seeking opportunities to enhance business processes and systems.
  • Take proactive ownership of your own Learning and Development in accordance with prescribed SAICA Technical and Professional Skills Requirements.
  • Actively engage in Nedbank CA Training Programme committees/structures (e.g., Marketing Committee, Recruitment Committee, and Social Committee), contributing to professional development and program enhancement.
  • Foster a culture conducive to achieving transformation goals by participating in Nedbank’s culture-building initiatives.

Program Involvement:

Trainees have the opportunity to lead and manage various program-related aspects, including recruitment processes, marketing initiatives through diverse channels, and coordination of social events throughout the year. This involvement is integral to trainees’ professional growth, providing exposure to valuable skills such as project management, budgeting, leadership, and time management.

Banking Bootcamp:

Moving from the academic realm to the professional sphere can pose challenges. Banking Bootcamp facilitates this transition by offering a seamless induction period where incoming trainees can engage with one another and program management. This month-long induction includes activities and workshops designed to shape participants into the professionals they aspire to become.


Navigating the challenges of professional life can sometimes feel isolating, particularly with the increasing prevalence of remote work that limits physical interactions with colleagues.


You’ll be matched with a mentor who will provide guidance and support throughout your journey, aiming to ensure a fulfilling experience.


Nedbank’s CA Training Programme offers a unique opportunity to tailor your rotations according to your career objectives. If you have a clear destination in mind, you can select rotations that will optimize your path toward achieving your goals.

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Application Deadline: March 1st, 2024

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