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5 Free Study Countries for International Students

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It is everyone’s dream to study abroad, and if free education is available in such a situation, then the proverb ‘Icing on the Gold’ is fulfilled. That’s why today we will tell you in this blog 5 countries that give free education to international students. If you dream of studying abroad, then there are some countries outside Nigeria that provide free education. So from now on you do not have to worry about money because these countries will help you complete your studies.

Choosing to study abroad allows you to explore the world. You will experience new countries with entirely new activities and customs there.

As you explore the world, your travels help you interact with various people. Due to this, the scope of your thinking becomes different. This is one of the top benefits of studying abroad. With this, you can also choose a better career option abroad. There are many universities abroad that offer better courses as well as scholarships. Not only here, but foreign universities also focus on the best education. It is also crucial for you to know what Documents Required For Canada Spouse Open Work Permit

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Let Us Know 5 Such Countries Which Give Free Education To International Students

1. Germany

Germany comes out on top when paying little or no money for higher education. International and domestic students studying at German Domestic Universities are not required to pay tuition fees. Still, some universities ask students to pay an amount of EUR 14.27-380.71 to cover the administration cost, depending on the university and the program.

Also, if students come from a country where a student visa is required, they must prove that they have a budget of EUR 9742.51 per year or EUR 724.03 per month for living expenses.

Let us tell you there are more than 350 government universities in Germany. The government’s policy here is that Germany’s universities do not charge tuition fees. Another reason to study well in Germany is its excellent curriculum.

2. Norway

There is no education fee in domestic universities and colleges in Norway. But students have to pay a small admission fee. On the other hand, in private universities, students have to pay tuition fees, which depends on the institution and the degree. And, despite the country being an expensive place to live, free education has put Norway on the list of most popular countries among international students.

The government funds domestic universities in the country. Therefore, international students can get free education. Undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral-level programs in Norway are free, regardless of your nationality.

The Norwegian Department of Education has announced that starting from the autumn 2023 semester, tuition fees will be waived for students from outside the EEA and Switzerland. This proposal was initially taken in October 2022 when the Ministry of Education unveiled the scheme as part of the 2023 National Budget.

3. Sweden

Most universities in Sweden are domestic. Let us tell you students from the EU/EEA and Switzerland are not charged tuition fees for pursuing graduate and master’s degrees. On the other hand, Ph.D. students can study in Sweden for free and benefit from the country’s financial support for their research work.

People who have been granted temporary residence in Sweden for reasons other than studies. They do not have to pay application or tuition fees. However, students granted temporary residence for studies must pay the application and tuition fees.

4. Austria

Non-EU/EEA students must pay a nominal tuition fee of EUR 694.78 per semester. In such a beautiful and expensive country, such a low fee can fulfill your dream of studying abroad if you study at Domestic University. So you only have to contribute EUR 17.13 towards the student union and student insurance. But if you study for more than eight semesters for your bachelor’s degree and more than six semesters for your master’s, you will be charged ERU 342.63 per semester.

If you want to pursue a Master’s, the requirements to study a Master’s in Australia include passing foreign language proficiency tests such as IELTS and TOEFL, a statement of purpose with a banner statement showing financial capability, and an overseas health cover.

5. Finland

Right now, the education system is also considered one of the best in the world. Many universities in the country provide free education as the government funds them. Students from EU countries can study in Finland for free in any program. While non-EU students who wish to study in English. They have to pay tuition fees.

Students must ensure they have enough budget to cover accommodation, living expenses, books, and other expenses. The Finnish government pays 96 percent of the total cost of college education for young Finns. Let us tell you almost all domestic students at Finnish universities pay nothing in tuition. Finland gives more subsidies to universities than any other developed country.

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