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8 Most Highly Paid Job Opportunities Abroad For English-Speaking Countries

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We all understand how tough it can be to find a job that pays well, especially if the job is in a foreign country. Are you going through something similar? Are you also tired of searching for tips on how to find the most wanted jobs abroad for Nigeria? 

Do you want to know how to find a job abroad easily? Then we recommend that you hope on this journey with us and know how to find the most suitable jobs for yourself. 

We will also tell you which jobs pay a good salary and which sectors have the most career growth options.

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Are there Jobs for Nigeria Abroad?

Yes! We don’t know how you came to doubt the availability of jobs in foreign countries for Nigeria, but let us clarify something for you. 


Got it? Good. Now, let’s see which countries have more jobs available.

Which countries offer the most jobs?

United Kingdom: The UK is searching for skilled professionals from all over the globe to fight its skill shortage. Since the unemployment rate of the UK is quite low, if you go to the UK to find a job, you may get it easily. 

Canada: The country is battling its labor shortage and has been inviting immigrants quite seriously. Canada’s intention is to eradicate the unemployment rate and give jobs to all Canadians as well as foreign workers.

Germany: Since Germany has such a big economy, it is natural for the country to seek skilled laborers worldwide to fulfill its workforce. Along with that, Germany is also one of the biggest importers and exporters. Apart from that, Germany is a first choice for many immigrants. 

Australia: Australia has one of the world’s biggest job markets, calling for both skilled and unskilled workers worldwide. 

The United States of America: USA has always been welcoming toward talented folks. If you want a country that pays you well and respects your talents, choose the USA! 

What are the best career options abroad?

Isn’t it time we start discussing the best career abroad options?


If you belong to the IT sector, you will receive some of the best job opportunities in the international market. The role of IT has been growing rapidly in the foreign job industry. It is a really good time to grab a good job in the country of your choice. 

Engineering, Construction & Energy

Indian families love sending their children to engineering schools. Well, this is a good thing; too, since the international job market is always looking for engineers. If you have studied such subjects, you will likely get a nice job. 


If these post-COVID-19 times have taught us anything, then we should value our doctors and all those in the healthcare industry. As a result, the demand for workers in the healthcare industry has been growing rapidly, without any indication to stop at any time. And, yes, this means that your career will grow if you get a job in this industry. 

Humanitarian Aid

A career as a humanitarian is a satisfying career. If you like helping needy people, this career path is for you. 

Agricultural Science and Food Sector

Countries that offer most of the agricultural jobs are Australia and New Zealand. Being able to grow food, caring for the crops, and working hard to ensure that the crops are growing healthily has got to be one of the best jobs. As of now, the international job market is desperately in need of workers in the food industry. 

Tourism Sector

Enjoy seeing the world? Get in the travel and tourism industry! This sector gives you a great chance to see the world and do that on a good salary!

Tech Industry

The tech industry always has jobs. You can always rely on this sector to have jobs. Those looking for good countries that offer jobs in the tech industry could go to these nations- Canada, the USA, Australia, China, etc. 

Which jobs pay the most?

Some of the best-paying jobs abroad are: 

Chief Executive Officer (CEO): It is not a secret that CEOs are paid good money; they have the toughest jobs to do. If you are a hard-working CEO, your income could be $595,700 to $1,015,900. 

Corporate Lawyer: Lawyers are some of the most well-paid workers in the world. No matter where you work, you will earn a good income as a lawyer. On average, you could earn up to $94,180 and $117,918 annually. 

Medical Professionals: As we said before, there has been a huge demand for workers in the healthcare industry, but more workers are needed. As a result, the salary of those in the industry is higher. 

Senior Software Engineer: Senior software engineers can earn nice money if they keep working hard and with much focus. There’s a global demand for workers in this industry too. Some senior software engineers even get paid around $100,000 and $114,000 yearly. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which career field is growing fastest?

Ans. Health, Tech, and IT are some of the fastest-growing careers as of right now. In addition, jobs in these sectors pay good money too. 

  •  Is it possible to get a job abroad from Nigeria?

Ans. Yes, you can get a job abroad from Nigeria. If you have the right educational qualifications and work experience, you can be the right fit for a job abroad. 

  • Which jobs pay a good salary?

Ans. Some of the most-paid jobs globally are- CEOs, software developers, surgeons, pharmacists, etc. 

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