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About Us

Youthgro is a platform that puts young people at the center and assists them in discovering various possibilities all around the world.

Without a shadow of a doubt, opportunities such as scholarships that are completely funded may be scarce; however, we try to put our resources in the direction of providing young people with as many opportunities as we possibly can, so that they can choose from among the options that are presented to them.

In a similar vein, given that we are aware that a large number of recent graduates are still searching for work opportunities, we maintain communication with businesses that are actively recruiting new employees. In addition to this, we seek private organizations that are willing to offer an enabling space for individuals to participate in INTERNSHIPS (either paid or unpaid internships), because gaining knowledge from professionals is one of the best ways to expand one’s skills.

While we look forward to seeing hundreds of our young people achieve tremendous success in their endeavors, one of our primary focuses will continue to be instilling in them the mindset of “believing in yourself.”