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Australia 2024 Research Training Scholarship Programme: Government-funded Opportunity

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Each year, the Commonwealth Department of Education and Training allocates funding to universities to administer scholarships for domestic and international students pursuing Higher Degree Research programs. At ANU, there are two annual central scholarship rounds, which include the AGRTP, the University Research Scholarship, and several other centrally managed scholarships.

Round 1 is divided into two segments, one for international applicants and one for domestic applicants, each with separate deadlines (August 31 for international applicants and October 31 for domestic applicants annually). Round 1 is for commencements in the following year (January to the end of March), but current candidates who have recently commenced (enrolled for less than a year full-time equivalent) can also be considered by completing the ‘Request for a current ANU student to be considered for an HDR Scholarship form.


Stipend scholarship for three years, with the potential for:

  • A standard six-month extension.
  • An additional six-month extension if the reason meets the additional eligibility criteria outlined in Item 15, Period of Support, of the AGRTP Procedure.
  • Travel and relocation allowances for students moving to Canberra to begin their research program.
  • Thesis allowance.
  • Dependent child allowance (for international students only).
  • Compensated medical, maternity, and parental leave (consult sections 51-68 of the Research Training Program Scholarships procedure for details).
  • Scholarship suspension (refer to sections 43-48 of the Research Training Program Scholarships procedure).


The Commonwealth Scholarship Guidelines (Research) 2017 establish the foundation for the terms of award and delineate the fundamental eligibility criteria for this scholarship. ANU has formulated an RTP Policy & Procedure, delineating the standards, procedures, and terms for this scholarship. These documents can be accessed from the reference document section of this page.

Selection Process:

Candidates undergo ranking, and scholarships are granted based on a competitive ranking process, prioritizing the top-ranked candidates who demonstrate evidence of meeting merit-based selection criteria. Scholarships are also contingent upon the availability of a qualified supervisor, adequate space, and resources in a research area aligned with ANU’s research strategy.

Method of Application:

For commencing students: No separate application is necessary for this scholarship, as all eligible candidates will be automatically considered. However, applicants should ensure they select the appropriate boxes in the admissions application form to indicate their interest in being considered for any available scholarships.

For Continuing Students: Complete and submit the “Request for a Current ANU Student to be Considered for an HDR Scholarship” form to your Academic College.

Working outside the eligible HDR program:

Students are required to inform their Delegated Authority and Chair of the Panel in writing about the extent of their employment arrangements alongside their eligible HDR program, either at the start of their tenure at ANU or within 20 working days of initiating work arrangements. Please see section 72 of the Research Training Program Scholarships procedure for further details.

Reference document:

Alternative file formats can be requested using the provided contact details.

For More Information,

Application Deadline: August 31, 2024.

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