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Whether you are an entrepreneur, digital nomad, or any person involved in the “digital world,” you have undoubtedly heard of the word Copywriting. To this day, some still think that copywriting and digital writing are the same. And, although it has to do with it, it is not based on precisely the same thing. Copywriting is based on a persuasive writing technique that gets a person who reads a particular text to do a specific action. Either leave your email, click on a link, or buy something.

It is, therefore, a high-value tool for digital entrepreneurs, so you must keep track of it. You can learn persuasive writing techniques with these free Copywriting courses.

Is copywriting useful?

  • We only want to start explaining what free copywriting courses are after first explaining why you should learn these techniques.
  • You will be able to differentiate yourself from the competition—something essential today, where the internet is an ocean with millions of fish.
  • You will improve your SEO positioning, so it will appear earlier in search engines.
  • You will have a closer relationship with your customers or potential customers.

You will be able to offer valuable content. Something of incalculable need today.

And it is that copywriting skill is crucial in today’s world, particularly in marketing and communication. As online competition grows and audiences become more demanding, the ability to create compelling and compelling content becomes a critical factor in the success of any business or venture.

Copywriting is not only about selling products or services but also about communicating ideas, values ​​, and emotions that connect with the target audience. A good copywriter can understand clients’ needs and desires and convey them effectively through words.

In this sense, copywriting is helpful in a wide variety of contexts, from writing advertisements and creating content for social networks to writing emails and optimizing websites for search engines. Additionally, mastering copywriting can open the door to multiple career opportunities, such as working as a copywriter, marketing consultant, or content specialist.

TOP free copywriting courses

With these free copywriting courses, you no longer have an excuse to stop learning the most impressive persuasive writing techniques of the moment.

Rhetoric: The Harvard Copy Pro Course

With almost 600,000 enrollees, this free 8-week course will offer you the keys to persuasive writing from Harvard experts (almost nothing).

You can complete the task at your speed. It will take you up to 2 or 3 hours a day. Of course, it is a course that is completely in English, so you will have to “pull” as a translator or have a medium level of the language.

Communication and digital writing

Another free copywriting course widely accepted by the public comes directly from the Anahuac network of universities. It’s in Spanish, no prerequisites are needed, and you can do it by only spending about 4 hours a week. And the best? With an internet connection, you have the flexibility to learn at your own pace from anywhere in the world.

Among many other things, you will learn to write persuasive texts for the internet with keywords that help position your text.

Copywriting Challenge

7 video lessons that you will have instantly just by signing up for their newsletter. This course is mainly aimed at communication managers, community managers, and anyone who wants to write persuasive texts that attract their audience.

Real examples, exercises, PDF material, and most importantly: no nonsense. It is a totally didactic course that focuses on the keys of copy to obtain guaranteed results in a short time.

The Simple Writing System

One of the free copywriting courses worth exploring is John Carlton’s The Simple Writing System. Calling himself “the most ripped off “writer on the Web” and considered the most respected writing teacher. in the world,” this renowned professional offers a comprehensive approach that goes beyond the fundamentals of writing. Carlton teaches her students how to write lucrative content, including Facebook ads, sales pages, landing pages, video scripts, blog posts, and much more.

Carlton’s course also addresses overcoming “writer’s block,” a common problem many copywriters face when starting a new project. He focuses on teaching storytelling that entertains and, most importantly, sells. It is essential in persuasive copywriting, and Carlton masters it perfectly.

Quick Course On Effective Website Copywriting

One of the quick options among the free copywriting courses is the CXL mini-course, “Course on effective website copywriting”. Depending on individual reading speed and note-taking, this course could be completed in as little as a few hours.

This copywriting course offers valuable information through reading materials and videos. It is recommended to watch 20 to 30 minutes of content and practice what you have learned during that time, repeating the process until you feel that you have acquired the necessary knowledge. Key aspects covered by the course include:

  1. Research: customer, product, and competition.
  2. Scheme and indicators.
  3. Draft.
  4. Conversion boost.
  5. Revise, rearrange.
  6. Proof.

Don’t worry if you don’t see immediate results, as copywriting involves a creative process that can take months or even years to perfect. However, with CXL training, you will be able to improve your skills and ultimately see a positive impact on your sales.

Copy Hackers

In the realm of free copywriting courses, some can be more dense than others. One example is Joanna Wiebe’s CopyHackers, which offers a definitive guide and bills itself as the most comprehensive manual of copywriting formulas. Although the sheer amount of information can be intimidating for some, there is no need to worry.

It is important to follow this essential guideline to maximize your benefits. Start with the first tutorial and continue with the following ones. Working on one a day is advisable, but it is essential to adapt to the rhythm that works best for each person. Upon completion of the course, you will notice a significant improvement in your persuasive writing skills. Thanks to the knowledge acquired, you will learn to effectively manage copys and their structures in various digital channels.

Pixar in a Box

The art of persuading through storytelling, or telling stories, is a valuable technique in the field of writing. This approach is at the core of Khan Academy’s free “Pixar in a Box” course, which teaches how to tell stories effectively and dynamically.

This course is based on audiovisual materials and video-related activities, focusing on storytelling as an essential marketing component. As a part of the free copywriting courses, this program stands out for its ease of understanding and the entertaining way in which the content is taught.

Conclusions about free Copywriting courses

In short, there are a wide variety of free copywriting courses available for those who wish to improve their copywriting and persuasive writing skills. From John Carlton’s hands-on approach in “The Simple Writing System” to the creative storytelling of Kahn Academy’s “Pixar in a Box,” these courses offer valuable techniques and strategies for learning to write copy that sells and engages with audiences.

Whether you’re a beginner or not, it doesn’t matter in the world of copywriting; these free courses will provide you with the necessary tools to polish your skills and boost your career. It’s important to keep in mind that learning is an ongoing process, and practice is key to perfecting your style and enriching your writing.

So don’t wait any longer: explore these options, enroll in the courses that best suit your needs, and start turning your writing skills into a competitive advantage. Good luck on your path to success as a copywriter!

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