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Everything You Need to Know About 7 UK Short-Term Work Visas for Migrants

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The United Kingdom offers numerous opportunities for migrants who don’t want to study but work for a short term before returning home. Imagine staying in the UK for at least one year before returning home. 

Temporary workers visas are a subset of the UK’s Point Based System and Tier 5 Visas. The most common types of short-term visas for entry into the UK are as follows:

  • UK Charity Worker visa 
  • UK creative and sporting visa 
  • UK religious worker visa 
  • UK seasonal work visa 
  • UK government authorized exchange visa
  • UK international agreement visa
  • UK youth mobility scheme visa

UK Charity Worker Visa 

The UK Charity Worker Visa is created for people who wish to work voluntarily for a charity without payment. You can spend at least one year as a charity worker and can enter the country 14 days before you begin your work.

UK Creative and Sporting Visa

If you are a sportsperson or creative worker, you can use the UK Creative and Sporting Visa for a short stay in the country.  

UK Government Authorized Exchange Visa 

Workers who wish to study, do research, participate in a fellowship, or learn a foreign language under a government-authorized exchange system in the United Kingdom are eligible to apply for a Government Approved Exchange Visa.

UK International Agreement 

If you have a contract as an employee with a foreign government, a private servant for diplomats, or an independent professional in the UK can use this visa. The UK International Agreement allows you to spend at least two years in the UK.

UK Religious Worker Visa 

The UK Religious Worker Visa is for people who want to relocate to the country for religious work for a short term. For instance, a UK Religious visa holder can spend at least two years without an opportunity of extending stay by an extra 28 days. With this visa, you are permitted to travel to the UK up to 14 days before to the start of your employment.

UK Seasonal Worker Visa 

The UK Seasonal Worker Visa is for people who want to do farm-related jobs in the United Kingdom for up to 6 months.

UK Youth Mobility Scheme Visa 

The Youth Mobility Scheme Visa is created for people between 18 and 40 with certain British nationality types. You can work and reside in the UK with this visa for at least 24 months..

Requirements for a Temporary Work Visa

 Those with a Short-Term Work Visa are not eligible to apply for British welfare benefits. The terms and conditions include the following:

  • T5 visa holders, who are eligible because of the Youth Mobility Program, can remain in the nation for up to two years.
  • There is a one-year cap on the length of stay for holders of the Temporary Worker – Creative and Sports visa (T5).
  • The International Agreement Worker visa (T5) can be extended, while the Graduate visa cannot.
  • While most Short-term Work visas (including the Temporary Worker – Religious Worker visa) require that applications be submitted at least three months before the intended start date of employment in the United Kingdom, the Youth Mobility Scheme visa allows applications to be submitted up to six months in advance of travel.

UK Regulations for Temporary Work Visas

 There are different criteria for each sort of temporary work visa. To qualify for a short-term work visa, applicants must prove that they have at least £1,270 in available money; for a Young Mobility Programme visa (T5), this sum increases to £2,530. The following conditions must be met by applicants: 

  • Financial requirements of at least £1,270 
  • Submission of required documents and a passport 
  • Submission of tuberculosis test results 
  • Certificate of Sponsorship for certain types of short worker visas 

How to Apply for UK Short-Term Work Visas

  1. Check the UK Short-term Work visas and requirements
    • Different short-term work visas have other eligibility requirements. Check to see the specific requirements that apply to your specific visa type. 
  2. Gather your required documents
    • Most Short term Work visas require applicants to submit the same types of documents. However, some visas may require additional documents like a certificate of sponsorship.
  3. Apply online 
    • The application process for all Short-term Work visas is mainly online. 
  4. Pay your visa fees
    • The typical fee for a Short term Work visa is £244.
  5. Submit your biometric information
    • The in-person requirement for most Short-term Worker visas is the submission of one’s fingerprints and photo at visa application centers.
  6. Await your decision 
    • Most short-term work visa applicants will receive a decision on their application within three weeks of applying. 

Work Visa Documents

  • Valid passport or travel ID.
  • Proof of funds – bank statements or certificate of sponsorship
  • English language skills 
  • Health care surcharge payment proof.
  • TB test results for applicants who will be in the UK for more than six months and are citizens of a listed country.
  •  A blank page is needed on your passport for visa stamping.
  • If you are applying with any other dependents, you must prove your relationship with them. 

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