Exploring Tuition-Free Nursing Studies Abroad: Opportunities, Scholarships, and Top Destinations

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Is it possible to pursue nursing studies abroad without incurring tuition fees? Yes, indeed. If your aspiration is to become a registered nurse in either the USA or Canada and financial concerns are a worry, this information could be beneficial. Sophia Oyakhilome, inspired by the earning potential of nurses in Canada, aimed to pursue nursing studies there. However, the obstacle she faced was the tuition fees, which prevented her from taking action.

Steps on How to Pursue Nursing Studies Abroad at Zero Tuition:

a) Opt for Countries with No Tuition Fees: Consider countries like Norway and Germany, which offer tuition-free education to international students.

b) Explore Scholarship Opportunities: Seek out universities that provide scholarships covering tuition fees for nursing programs.

c) Apply to Tuition-Free Nursing Schools: Numerous nursing universities globally offer tuition-free education, providing an opportunity for aspiring nurses to fulfill their dreams without tuition costs.

This article provides insights on how you can embark on a nursing study program abroad without incurring tuition fees. Below is a compilation of tuition-free nursing schools abroad:

University of Oslo

Location: Oslo, Norway

The University of Oslo provides education with zero tuition fees, although students are required to pay a semester fee. Additionally, students are responsible for covering their other financial expenses.

College of the Ozarks

Location: Missouri, USA

This Christian liberal arts college offers tuition-free education to its students. Students are expected to work a minimum of 15 hours per week on campus. The credits earned through this work program contribute to federal and state aid and the school’s education cost scholarships for students.

City University of Applied Sciences

Location: Bremen, Germany

Hochschule Bremen City University of Applied Sciences (HSB) provides nursing programs without charging tuition fees. However, international students are required to have a German (block) bank account.

Faculty of Health and Sport Sciences – University of Agder

Location: Kristiansand, Norway

The University of Agder, a public institution, implements a “no tuition fee” policy for its programs; however, international students are required to pay approximately NOK800 in semester fees.

Berea College

Location: Berea, Kentucky, USA

Berea College operates under a tuition-free policy, encompassing students’ educational expenses and additional benefits throughout their tenure at the institution.

School of Health Studies – University of Stavanger

Location: Stavanger, Norway

The University of Stavanger provides a tuition-free nursing program, but students are responsible for covering other fees, including semester fees. Additionally, the university offers support to students through scholarships such as the Erasmus Mundus in Social Work with Families and Children.

School of Nursing and Management – Hamburg University of Applied Sciences

Location: Hamburg, Germany

Hamburg University of Applied Sciences offers a tuition-free program for international students, yet a semester fee of at least 360€ is required. The institution also provides various scholarships to assist students.

Department of Health and Care Sciences The Arctic University of Norway (UiT)

Location: Tromsø, Norway

The Arctic University of Norway (UiT) offers a tuition-free nursing program, but students must remit semester fees amounting to NOK 626.

City College of San Francisco

Location: San Francisco, California

Collaborating with the County of San Francisco, the City College of San Francisco extends Free City, a tuition-free education initiative exclusively available to residents.

Alice Lloyd College

Location: Kentucky, United States

Alice Lloyd College offers resident students a tuition-free education spanning up to 10 semesters. Additionally, the college provides support through various avenues, including endowed scholarships, student work programs, and other financial aid.

Undergraduate International Nursing Scholarships

Undergraduate students can explore the following nursing scholarships abroad:

The Global Scholarship Alliance (GSA)

The GSA presents international students with a nursing scholarship, requiring candidates to have completed a registered nurse degree program lasting a minimum of three years and possess at least one year of post-graduate acute care experience. The scholarship encompasses fees, tuition, books, and a laptop. Moreover, the GSA offers assistance with relocation costs to the United States.

Johns Hopkins School of Nursing Scholarships

The Johns Hopkins School of Nursing awards merit-based funding to outstanding students exhibiting leadership skills, commendable volunteer work, and various other accomplishments and qualities.

National Black Nurses Association (NBNA)

The NBNA offers scholarships to undergraduates studying nursing who are either NBNA members or local branch members, provided they have at least one year of remaining study.

Emergency Nurses Association Foundation Non-RN Scholarship

The Emergency Nurses Association Foundation Non-RN Scholarship is designed for students aspiring to pursue an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in nursing. However, eligibility requires that the students’ programs be accredited by either The Council on Collegiate Nursing Education or the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing.

FAQs about Free Nursing Schools Without Tuition

What is the top choice country for pursuing nursing studies without tuition fees?

  • Germany
  • Norway
  • Sweden
  • Finland

Is Nursing School in Norway Free?

Yes, public universities in Norway offer tuition-free education.

Is Nursing Degree Free in Canada?

No, Canada does not provide free nursing degrees but offers financial aid and scholarships. Explore educational institutions such as the University of Alberta and regions offering reduced tuition costs.

Is Studying Nursing in Germany Free?

Yes, German public universities do not impose tuition fees for undergraduate courses; however, students are required to pay a nominal semester fee.

Which Country Pays the Most to Nurses?

a) The United States

b) Switzerland

c) Luxembourg

d) Australia

How Much Does Nursing School Cost?

The cost varies based on factors like the student’s current education level (full/part-time), pursuit of Registered Nurse accreditation, Bachelor of Science in Nursing bridge program, Associate Degree in Nursing, or the type of nursing school.

What Are the Careers in Nursing?

a) Nursing manager

b) Nurse practitioner

c) Certified nursing assistant

d) Medical secretary and administrative assistant

e) Nurse educator

f) Medical assistant

g) Registered nurse

h) Licensed practical and licensed vocational nurse

What is the highest-paying nursing career?

Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist

Which is the Cheapest Country to Study Nursing?

Norway is considered the most affordable place to study nursing.

Can I Study Nursing for Free in the United States?

Yes, you can pursue tuition-free education at colleges such as Berea College, College of the Ozarks, and the City College of San Francisco

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