Farmers for the Future Grant for NYSC Agripreneurs from the British American Tobacco Nigeria Foundation.

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The Farmers for the Future (F4F) entitlement is an Agrarian Entrepreneurship entitlement meant to assist young people with viable Agri-operations with equity-free funding and other related help they may require to grow their operations.

 The British American Tobacco Nigeria Foundation (BATNF), in collaboration with NYSC, devised and backed the concept, which was put into effect by the FATE Foundation. It is aimed toward current National Youngsters Service Corps (NYSC) members, as part of BATNF’s efforts to encourage and support youngsters in sustainable husbandry.


  • Make agribusiness appealing
  • Reduce youth incarceration
  • Encourage youth involvement in agriculture
  •  Development of Youth
  •  Train and empower adolescents in agricultural techniques


 Finance Availability

  • The top 6 finalists will receive NGN 10 million in equity-free awards (NGN 3 million for first prize, NGN 2 million for second prize, and NGN 1 million for third prize).
  •  Relation to fiscal institutions and investors for follow-on backing and/ or credit installations
  •  Winners will get specialized support to establish their agribusiness

 Training & Capacity Structure

  • Participation in a ferocious “suppose-through-your-business” charge camp
  • Mentorship from experienced entrepreneurs and agricultural experts
  • Class of the F4F alumni network
  • Participation in other mate-drive training programs
  • Support with business enrollment and other legal and non-supervisory conditions

 Stages of Competition

  1. Submit Your operation

 The online operation gate will be available for you to shoot in your operations

  • Virtual Bootcamp

20 chosen business entities will go through an exigent online boot camp where they will improve their business theses and craft a persuasive proposal.

  • Pitch Event & Award

The top ten selected startups from the boot camp will pitch in front of a panel of experienced judges and investors. There will be three winners.

  • Mentorship

 The 3 Winners will be given backing to execute, strengthen, advance, and gauge their businesses under the guidance of seasoned instructors. They will also be connected to the applicable networks they need to make progress

  • Join The growers For The Future Alumni

 Continue to enjoy exclusive access to expert mentorship, bigwig openings, and a robust support network that will open doors to follow on backing, new requests, etc.

 For further information,

Application Deadline August 31st, 2023

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