Fully Funded 2024 Echidna Global Scholars Programme at Brookings Institution, Washington D.C., USA ($22,500 USD Stipend &)

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The Echidna Global Scholars Program’s Visiting Fellowship is based at the Center for Universal Education (CUE) within the Global Economy and Development program at the Brookings Institution in Washington, DC.

The Echidna Global Scholars Program, or simply the Program, is dedicated to enhancing the capabilities of local leaders in their efforts to promote gender equality within the sphere of education across the Global South. During a six-month Fellowship at Brookings, Scholars undertake individual research with a specific focus on improving educational opportunities and life outcomes for girls, young women, and gender non-conforming individuals. Additionally, they cultivate their leadership skills and evidence-based policy expertise, expand their understanding of gender and global education issues, and establish new avenues for achieving meaningful impact. Upon completing the fellowship, these scholars transition into the Echidna Global Scholars Alumni Network, a dynamic community of practitioners committed to advancing gender-transformative education at global, regional, and local levels.

The Echidna Global Scholars Program, initiated in 2012, has successfully hosted twelve cohorts of fellows and has effectively established an alumni network. The Fellowship consists of two distinct phases:

  1. Pre-residency: This initial phase lays the groundwork for research training, leadership development, and strategic impact components of the program. Supported by CUE fellows, scholars commence an intensive period of in-country data collection and analysis. This stage involves a series of virtual workshops, group working meetings, and individual advisory sessions. Scholars are introduced to leadership concepts and tools that will be a central focus of the leadership development program throughout the Fellowship. During this phase, scholars also embark on developing their impact strategy, including identifying and engaging with local stakeholders. The time commitment during this phase typically ranges from 15 to 20 hours per week.
  2. Residency: The residency period in Washington, DC places significant emphasis on extending the reach and impact of Scholars. This phase primarily revolves around the publication and dissemination of their research through various multimedia platforms provided by Brookings. Additionally, it includes strategic impact capacity building, leadership development, and networking. The core objective is to empower scholars to magnify their impact by enhancing their skills and practices in terms of analyzing, communicating, and utilizing research within policy contexts and for key audiences. Furthermore, it focuses on expanding the scholars’ networks and elevating their visibility through participation in Brookings convenings and strategic collaborations. The culmination of this phase is marked by the Gender Equality in and through the Education Research and Policy Symposium.

The fellowship requires full-time commitment during the residency period and substantial part-time involvement during the pre-residency period (approximately 15-20 hours per week). Echidna Global Scholars are expected to:

  • Conduct professional, in-depth research, write an evidence-based policy paper, and present their research and policy recommendations at Brookings-organized events.
  • Participate in individual and collective capacity strengthening and capacity sharing activities, including the leadership development program, as well as individual and group reflections.
  • Develop a post-residency project proposal with the intent of expanding the impact of their research upon returning to their home country.
  • Interact professionally with other Brookings scholars and community members and actively participate in Brookings events, particularly those of CUE and the Global Economy and Development program.
  • Engage with key actors from the extended research, practice, and policy community within their home countries, in and around Washington, DC, and globally, by Participating in conferences and engaging with the wider development community

Qualifications: Education/Experience Requirements:

The Program seeks professionals with substantial experience in and ties to the Global South, a clear intention to return to the Global South after completing the residency at Brookings, and a passion and demonstrated commitment to improving learning opportunities and life outcomes for girls, young women, and gender non-conforming individuals through education.

Prospective applicants should possess a strong academic background in fields related to education, gender and/or women’s studies, development, public policy, economics, or any pertinent social sciences or humanities discipline. Furthermore, they should have a minimum of ten years of professional experience, which may come from research and academia, non-governmental organizations, community-based organizations, civil society organizations, or government roles. Candidates with experience in both academic or government contexts and community organizations are particularly encouraged to consider applying. It’s imperative that applicants hold a Master’s degree.


  • Demonstrated expertise in the areas of education, development, and gender-related topics.
  • Proficiency in analytical and writing skills
  • Strong collaborative abilities, including giving and receiving constructive feedback.
  • A keen capacity and eagerness to acquire knowledge swiftly and adapt with flexibility.
  • Fluency in the English language is mandatory for all Echidna Global Scholars.


Please bear in mind that this position is categorized as a short-term fellowship at Brookings and does not constitute an employment role. Successful applicants who are awarded the fellowship will receive financial support amounting to $22,500 USD. This stipend is intended to cover living expenses throughout both the pre-residency and residency periods, and it is subject to U.S. tax withholding and reporting. Additionally, the Center for Universal Education (CUE) will be responsible for covering the expenses associated with the visa application process. They will also provide single-occupancy housing for the duration of the three-and-a-half-month residency, support round-trip travel costs, and offer a limited health insurance plan.


Echidna Global Scholars must actively engage in pre-residency activities, requiring a commitment of 15-20 hours per week. These activities include completing data collection prior to their arrival. Furthermore, scholars must commit to being present full-time at the Brookings Institution for the entire duration of the residency.

Method of Application:

For detailed information and to apply,

The application deadline is 1 December 2023

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