Fully Funded African UN 2024 Youth Delegates Initiative

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The “African UN Youth Delegates” initiative strives to amplify the representation of Global South youth within the United Nations. We seek driven and passionate young individuals interested in assuming roles as UN Youth Delegates and UN Youth Fellows, advocating for youth concerns on national and international platforms.

Our project is dedicated to nurturing and deploying a fresh cohort of UN Youth Delegates from Sudan, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, and South Sudan. Additionally, we aim to cultivate UN Associations in all participating nations, offering the opportunity to serve as a UN Youth Fellow and actively contribute to United Nations initiatives on the ground.

Apply now for participation in the African UN Youth Delegates Program 2024! Join us in fostering a new generation of UN Youth Delegates and building robust UN Associations to engage with the United Nations crucial work on-site.

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  • As one of the 20 selected candidates, you gain the esteemed title of Youth Fellow, securing access to UN internships and outreach programs.
  • Invitation to a National Assessment Workshop in Nairobi alongside 20 other UN Youth Fellows nationwide.
  • The workshop will acquaint you with your roles and opportunities, preparing you to address critical youth issues on national and international levels.
  • At the National Assessment, 2 Fellows will be chosen as this year’s UN Youth Delegates, enabling them to represent youth interests at the United Nations in New York and across East Africa regionally.
  • The selected delegates will also attend 3 regional workshops.

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Application Deadline: Varies by Country

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