Fully Funded Fellowship Program for Mid-Career Professionals to the United States (2025-2026)

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The Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship Program seeks to develop leadership abilities in global professionals who work together to solve regional and global issues, promoting constructive change for the benefit of everyone. Through academic study and professional development alongside U.S. counterparts, this expanding global network exchanges best practices and develops expertise in fields critical for enhancing societal and institutional capacity, promoting human rights, ensuring environmental sustainability, and fostering vibrant communities.

As part of the Fulbright Exchange, the Humphrey Fellowship Program fosters connections between the U.S. and foreign leaders to advance solutions to pressing global issues such as climate change, human rights protection, educational access, and global health security.

Key program features include:

  • Leadership development is aimed at forging enduring connections in vital fields between Americans and their professional counterparts abroad.
  • Customized academic experiences at over 12 U.S. higher education institutions, fostering collaboration across various disciplines.
  • a network of approximately 6,450 graduates, comprising governors, mayors, chiefs of state, judges of the Supreme Court, and executives from various organizations..

Eligibility Criteria

Applicants must meet the following criteria to qualify for the Humphrey Fellowship Program:

  • Citizenship in an eligible country
  • Possession of an undergraduate (first university or Bachelor’s) degree
  • At least five years of continuous full-time professional experience
  • Demonstrated leadership qualities and a track record of public service within their community
  • Limited exposure to the United States
  • Demonstrated proficiency in the English language


Professional Affiliation

A fundamental aspect of the Humphrey Fellowship Program is the six-week Professional Affiliation (PA) experience, which enables Fellows to collaborate with organizations in the United States, share best practices and knowledge with American professionals, and apply their classroom learning in practical settings. Humphrey Fellows play a crucial role in U.S. organizations, establishing lasting connections and making an impact beyond their Fellowship year.

Humphrey Seminar

The Humphrey Seminar is a compulsory course in which Fellows formulate their personal program objectives and strategies. It focuses on broad program objectives, such as gaining a deeper understanding of U.S. society and culture, fostering professional networking, and enhancing leadership skills.

Global Leadership Forum

The Global Leadership Forum provides all Humphrey Fellows with opportunities to participate in activities aimed at enhancing their leadership and professional skills. It helps them understand social, cultural, and political processes and institutions, encourages collaboration across sectors within the cohort, and allows them to leverage the resources and networks available in the nation’s capital.

Professional Development

The Humphrey Fellowship provides opportunities for professional development, enabling Fellows to contribute to their growth and establish partnerships to advance their work. Fellows broaden their perspectives on their work and global issues through immersive learning, collaboration, and networking. This includes tailored experiences at U.S. community colleges, participation in thematic workshops to enhance skillsets, attendance at high-profile events with policymakers and scholars, and more.

Academic Enrichment

Humphrey Fellows are grouped into cohorts at one of the 13 Humphrey host universities, selected based on the host university’s areas of impact and the Fellows’ professional expertise. They engage in an educational experience where they learn from distinguished faculty members without the obligation to fulfill specific degree or diploma requirements. This enables them to travel, network with American counterparts in their field, attend conferences and establish professional connections.

Application Process

Interested individuals must apply through their country’s U.S. Embassy (Public Affairs Section) or Binational Fulbright Commission. Application deadlines vary depending on the country. Applications should include:

  • Comprehensive responses to all questions, with English essay responses addressing the prompt thoroughly.
  • Two letters of reference in English, one of which must be from the applicant’s current employer.
  • Official transcripts in English: Ensure that all transcripts uploaded are official and valid documents, listing courses taken and grades received. Diplomas are only required to be uploaded if the transcript does not provide proof of degree attainment.

Following national selection, independent review committees evaluate nominations in the United States, and final candidate approval is determined by.

For More Information:

Application Deadline: Varies by Country

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