Fully Funded Mastercard Foundation AfOx Scholarships 2023 for African Students

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Seeking the Mastercard Foundation AfOx Scholarships for 2023-2024? Your quest ends here. This comprehensive page holds the Mastercard Foundation AfOx Scholarships application form, prerequisites, benefits, and the application closing date. Act now and seize this remarkable opportunity!

Program Overview:

The Mastercard Foundation AfOx Scholarship program is dedicated to nurturing passionate African youth who are deeply connected to their local roots and possess a global outlook. This initiative empowers them to pursue graduate studies at the prestigious University of Oxford. Embedded in the core values of collegiality, empathy, commitment, inclusion, and community, the program aligns with the Mastercard Foundation and AfOx’s shared values. It is an integral part of the broader AfOx Graduate Scholars Program, designed to assist African students in accessing opportunities at Oxford and thriving both during and after their university experience.

The scholarship supports an intensive one-year Master’s course at Oxford, focusing on equipping scholars with essential technical, entrepreneurial, and leadership competencies. This endeavor also connects them with world-leading resources in their respective fields. The program stands out for its robust support, emphasizing life skills beyond academia, and fostering a lifelong network of alumni. Each scholar undertakes high-caliber training in specific disciplines that play a critical role in addressing pressing issues. These fields include food systems, health sciences, sustainable water and energy systems, governance and public policy, entrepreneurship, and more. The programs align with the four AfOx themes that are pertinent to Africa’s Agenda 2063 and the Sustainable Development Goals: Healthy People, Integrated Societies, Green Futures, and Innovation for Prosperity.


This full-cost scholarship encompasses tuition fees and living expenses for international students. Additional assistance includes an economy return flight, visa and Immigration Health Surcharge fees, settling down allowance, and access to a Thrive Fund for emergencies. In the initial year, students embark on an academic Master’s course at Oxford, complemented by a Leadership and Impact Program. This program nurtures scholars in developing collaborative leadership skills essential for crafting cross-sector, interdisciplinary solutions to tackle complex social and environmental challenges.

Upon completing the Master’s program, scholars are encouraged to engage in 4-6-month placements with leading Africa-based organizations during their Ubuntu Period of Service. They work on initiatives in Africa and receive mentoring from distinguished Africa-based academics and practitioners, facilitating the scholars in forging impactful careers on the continent.


The Mastercard Foundation AfOx Scholarship is open to students from all African countries pursuing graduate studies at the University of Oxford. All students of African nationality and residence who receive a conditional offer from the University qualify for the scholarship.


The scholarship places particular emphasis on historically underrepresented groups, which may include but is not limited to female scholars, individuals from refugee and displaced backgrounds, and disabled scholars. Residence considerations are made for students from refugee and displaced backgrounds.

Application Process:

(a) To be eligible for this scholarship, submit your application for graduate study to the University of Oxford through the graduate admissions portal by the deadline for your chosen course of study. We strongly recommend that you complete your application form and submit all supporting documents at least one week prior to the December/January deadline for your course.

(b) Eligible candidates receiving a conditional offer from their course will be invited to apply for the AfOx Graduate Scholarship Program. During the application process, all invited candidates are expected to complete the AfOx Graduate Scholarship questionnaire.

(c) Shortlisted candidates will undergo virtual interviews, and the timelines will be communicated at the interview stage.

For additional inquiries, please refer to the FAQs and if your question remains unanswered, kindly contact, and you’ll receive a prompt response.

For More Information, visit the Official Webpage.

Application Deadline: Don’t miss out. Act now to open doors to Oxford and a world of opportunities!

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