Georgetown Law LAWA Fellowship Programme 2024

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The LAWA Fellowship Program, initiated in 1993 at the Georgetown University Law Center, Washington, D.C., is dedicated to training women’s human rights lawyers from Africa. The program aims to empower these lawyers to return to their home countries and champion the advancement of women and girls throughout their professional careers.

To date, over 80 women’s human rights advocates from various African nations have participated in the LAWA Program. They seek to expand the program to include Fellows from additional countries in the future.

The LAWA Fellowship Program spans approximately 14 months, from July of the first year to August of the subsequent year. It begins with the Fellows attending the Foundations of American Law and Legal Education course at the Georgetown Law Center in July, after which they return to their countries to continue advocating for women’s rights.


  • The Fellowship covers the tuition for the Foundations of American Law and Legal Education Course (valued at U.S. $5,000) and the LL.M. degree (valued at U.S. $66,650) at the Georgetown University Law Center, along with professional development training.
  • LAWA Program participants are responsible for additional expenses like visas, travel, housing, utilities, food, clothing, health insurance, and books, amounting to approximately $28,000. They must demonstrate the availability of funds for these expenses for visa purposes.


  • Eligible applicants must be women’s human rights lawyers from Africa with an LL.B. or equivalent law degree.
  • Preference is given to candidates currently working in Africa without a Master’s degree.
  • Applicants must commit to returning to their home countries after completing the Fellowship to advance women’s human rights.
  • Proficiency in written and spoken English is essential.
  • Competency in basic computer skills is recommended.
  • LAWA Fellows undergo a rigorous academic program that demands dedicated study and exceptional commitment.

Method of Application:

  • Applications must be completed digitally; handwritten applications will not be considered.
  • All application materials, including reference letters, should be in English.
  • Submission deadline via email to morrisjc@georgetown.edu: January 19, 2024.

For more detailed information

Application Closing Date: January 19, 2024

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