Ghent University 2024 Doctoral Scholarships: Opportunities for Developing Country Students

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Ghent University provides PhD “sandwich” scholarships through its “Special Research Fund” (BOF) to promising doctoral students from developing nations. These scholarships support research, with half conducted at Ghent University (“North”) and the other half at a university in a developing country (“South”). Ghent University funds the research carried out at its campus (24 months), while the other 24 months of research in the South should be fully financed by the candidate.


  • PhD scholarship at Ghent University for a total of 24 months.
  • Ghent University promoter receives a monthly bench fee of € 310 for research in Ghent and a travel budget of € 8,000 to cover operational and part of the travel costs for the student and both the Ghent University and the local promoter.


  • Candidates must be from and hold the nationality of one of the selected developing countries (refer to the country list).
  • Proposals must be jointly submitted by a candidate, a supervisor (promoter) at Ghent University, and a supervisor at the partner university in the South.
  • The field of research is open, yet priority is given to topics relevant for development.
  • Only degree students (pursuing a (joint) PhD degree at Ghent University) are eligible. Exchange students cannot apply.
  • The program is intended for students at the early stage of their PhD, although limited prior research completion is allowed. At the fellowship’s start (1/10/2024), a minimum of 36 months of doctoral research is still required to complete the PhD.
  • Ghent University encourages more female researchers to apply. Therefore, a Ghent University supervisor may support a maximum of 2 candidates per call, provided they are of different genders.

Application Procedure Scholarship Mobility Scheme

The stipulated mobility plan is as follows:

  • Students are required to commence and conclude their research stay with a duration of 3 to 12 months at Ghent University.
  •  The initial research visit at Ghent University should start between October 1, 2024, and February 28, 2025.
  • A minimum of 24 months of research funded locally in the Southern partner institution must be arranged between the first and final research visits at Ghent University.

Exceptions to the Compulsory Mobility Scheme

  • Candidates unable to initiate their 4-year PhD research with a research stay at Ghent University because the partner institution in the South mandates a successful completion of a PhD study program before proceeding with further research activities may seek an exemption from the mobility scheme.
  • Applicants needing to conclude a period of field research in the South before commencing their 4-year PhD research with a research stay at Ghent University may request an exception to the mobility scheme.
  • Candidates having successfully completed a fully funded full-time PhD study period (up to 12 months) at the partner institution in the South can apply to incorporate this duration into the requisite 24 months of locally funded research in the South.
  • Applicants having successfully completed a fully funded full-time PhD study period (up to 12 months) at Ghent University can request to integrate this period into the mandatory 24 months of research at Ghent University.

Applicants seeking to utilize any of these exceptions must seek approval from Ghent University’s research administration by January 19, 2024. This involves completing the “Request Exception Funding and Mobility Scheme” form and submitting it, along with the necessary supporting documents, via email to

Application forms should be electronically submitted (in English) to

  • Additionally, the Ghent University supervisor is required to submit the following two documents:
  1. An evaluation of the candidate, expressing the supervisor’s perspective on the candidate’s potential as a future researcher.
  2. An assessment of the ethical and biosafety aspects related to the proposed research project.

For further details and inquiries

Application Deadline: February 24, 2024

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