Google Summer of Code (GSoC) 2024 for Student Developers

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Applications are currently being accepted for the Google Summer of Code (GSoC) 2024. This global, online program is dedicated to introducing new contributors to the realm of open source software development. GSoC contributors engage in a 12-week programming project with open-source organizations, guided by mentors. The overarching goal of GSoC is to initiate and nurture new contributors within open source communities, fostering their continuous involvement even beyond the program’s duration.

New contributors will dedicate their summer to coding for an open source organization, receiving mentorship from experienced mentors within their newfound open source community. Since its inception in 2005, the Google Summer of Code program has successfully brought together over 20,000 new contributors and students and partnered with over 800 open source organizations, all under the guidance of more than 19,000 mentors.

Application Process:

  • Apply: Interested contributors propose a project to work on.
  • Coding: GSoC contributors who are accepted dedicate their summer to coding, receiving guidance from a mentor.
  • Public: Share and submit your code for the world to use!

Google Summer of Code 2024 Timeline:

  • January 22–18:00 UTC: Mentoring organizations can commence submitting applications to Google.
  • February 6–18:00 UTC: Deadline for submitting mentoring organization applications.
  • February 6–20: Google program administrators review organization applications.
  • February 21–18:00 UTC: List of accepted mentoring organizations published.
  • February 22–March 18: Prospective GSoC contributors engage in conversations with mentoring organizations to explore application ideas.
  • March 18–18:00 UTC: The GSoC contributor application period begins.
  • April 2–18:00 UTC: GSoC contributor application deadline.
  • April 24–18:00 UTC: GSoC contributor proposal rankings due from Org Admins.
  • May 1–18:00 UTC: Announcement of accepted GSoC contributor projects.
  • May 1–26: Community Bonding Period, during which GSoC contributors familiarize themselves with mentors, read documentation, and prepare to begin working on their projects.

May 27:

  • Official commencement of coding!

July 8–18:00 UTC:

  • Mentors and GSoC contributors can initiate the submission of midterm evaluations.

July 12–18:00 UTC:

  • Deadline for midterm evaluations during the standard coding period.

July 12–August 19:

  • Work Period: GSoC contributors focus on their projects with guidance from mentors.

August 19–26, 18:00 UTC:

  • Final week: GSoC contributors submit their concluding work product and their final mentor evaluation during the standard coding period.

August 26–September 2–18:00 UTC:

  • Mentors submit final evaluations for GSoC contributor projects during the standard coding period.

September 3:

  • Announcement of the initial results of Google Summer of Code 2024.

September 3–November 4:

  • GSoC contributors with extended timelines continue coding.

November 4–18:00 UTC:

  • Ultimate deadline for all GSoC contributors is to submit their final work product and final evaluation.

November 11–18:00 UTC:

  • Deadline for mentors to submit evaluations for GSoC contributor projects with extended timelines.

For additional details,

Application Deadline: February 6, 2024.

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