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Guide To Become A Registered Nurse In South Korea

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Here’s an article on how international students may become or are in the process of becoming registered nurses by studying nursing programs in Korea at Korean schools.

Pursuing a degree abroad is more interesting since you get to see things from new perspectives. Studying in Korea is no exception.

When it comes to studying nursing in Korea, the country ranks high on the list.  In general, nursing students who participate in such programs at Korean schools are equipped with knowledge from a variety of fields.

Nursing programs in Korea are often taught with attention to preparing students to work as nurses in the medical and healthcare industries.

Therefore, in this article, we give you a simple guide on how to become a nurse in Korea. Here is a step-by-step instruction manual for international students who want to study nursing in Korea.

We have also compiled a list of the best Korean nursing schools that will equip you with the necessary skills to become a nurse.

Without further ado, welcome aboard!

What’s it like to study in Korea?

Although Korea is not a well-known study-abroad location, it is one of the top choices in Asia. This country always has something trendy and unorthodox to offer its residents and international students alike.

From local cuisine to popular culture, there is always something special to discover. In addition, South Korea is known for its low cost of living and excellent technology.

Its weather is perfect and beneficial to everyone, making it one of the best locations to live and work.  Aside from its beautiful landscape and natural beauty, Korea’s educational system is very competitive on a global scale.

Most nursing programs in Korea are ranked among the top in the world. Their high-tech facilities and international cooperation are also among the finest.

Korea is a great country to study and practice nursing due to its high living standards at a reasonable cost and considerable investment in education and health services.

They typically offer one of the finest undergraduate nursing programs in the country. Because Korea is a fantastic destination for nursing studies, you can be confident that you will receive the best education possible.

Considering that some of the courses are taught in English, the cutting-edge facilities will let you practice abroad and earn your degree even if you lack proficiency in Korean.

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What are the best nursing schools in Korea for international students to study and become nurses?

International students who want to study nursing in Korea must attend the finest nursing schools. In this regard, we present you with an up-to-date list based on our study on the finest Korean nursing schools.

These institutions have demonstrated a track record of excellence in offering high-quality nursing education to students in Korea through their nursing programs.

The following are on the list:

  • Yonsei University College of Nursing

Language of Instruction: English, Korean

Degrees Offered: BSN and Postgraduate degrees

  • Korea University College of Nursing

Language of Instruction: Korean

Degrees Offered: BSN, Master, PhD

  • Seoul National University College of Nursing

Language of Instruction: English, Korean

Degrees Offered: BSN and postgraduate degrees

  • Catholic University of Korea

Language of Instruction: Korean, English

Degrees Offered: BSN, Graduate programs

  • Dankook University

Language of Instruction: English, Korean

Degrees Offered: BSN, graduate studies in Geriatric Nursing

What are the requirements for admission to Korean nursing schools?

The criteria for studying nursing in Korea vary per university. Each university has its own admissions and qualifying standards.

However, in general, you must provide certain documents to apply to Korean nursing schools to become a nurse;

  • Study Plan
  • Transcript
  • Statement of Purpose: High School diploma
  • A copy of a valid passport.
  • Results of English or Korean proficiency tests (TOPIK, IELTS)
  • Certificate of enrolment or completion at a Korean language school
  • For specific prerequisites, go to the website of your preferred university and make a list of everything you’ll need to apply.

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Can International Students Study Nursing in Korea?

Yes! Nursing programs in Korea are open to international students. Many Korean colleges offer a variety of nursing programs. If you intend to study here, please be aware of the prerequisites and conduct extensive research. You will select your school, location, and other factors. Furthermore, you must be proficient in both Korean and English.

The prerequisites and documentation may differ based on the university you choose, your home country, and other factors. Please conduct a comprehensive study on the items you should prepare. The basic stages for preparing for your studies in Korea are outlined in the article below. Make sure to keep reading!

How Much Does Nursing Cost in South Korea for International Students?

Tuition for an undergraduate nursing degree in Korea can range between USD 4,000 and USD 7,000. Tuition and other fees may differ based on your university, year level, degree, and other factors. Aside from tuition, other expenditures like as books, insurance, and housing should be factored in when calculating your expenses.

6 Steps for International Students to Study Nursing in Korea

Now that you’re ready to tackle this important stage of preparing to study nursing, you must follow the strategic steps. Running off aimlessly is one method to have an unsatisfying academic path in Korea.

The procedures below are required for overseas students to learn how to study Nursing in Korea. Following the processes we’ve outlined, becoming a nurse in Korea may be substantially different for Korean citizens.

As a result, we conducted this study and wrote this article for international students interested in becoming nurses in Korea. With that stated, here are the seven steps you need do to become a Korean nurse:

#1: Understand the University Requirements for Becoming a Nurse in Korea.

A Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing is required to become or work as a nurse in Korea. Nursing programs are available at the undergraduate and graduate levels in the majority of Korean universities.

In addition, you can pursue a four-year Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Master of Science in 4 Courses for Advanced Nurse Practitioners, or Ph.D. Program in Nurses at Korean universities.

Here are some of the prerequisites you must meet in order to get admitted to any Korean institution for a bachelor’s degree in nursing:

  • A high school diploma is required.
  • Applicants should also have a track record of achievement and involvement in high school.
  • In addition, all students must perform well on standardized Aptitude Tests.
  • Also, all applicants must pass a written exam as well as an interview.
  • Some Korean universities will demand that overseas nursing students provide a high school diploma and transcript of records.
  • You must also demonstrate your ability to communicate in English by passing an English proficiency exam.
  • You must also pass a Korean language proficiency test.
  • Furthermore, the parents of all candidates seeking to become nurses in Korea must not be Korean nationals.

#2. Research Korean Nursing Schools.

Now that you’ve determined your requirements, the next step is to choose which Korean nursing school is best for you.

All you have to do is look into the finest nursing schools in Korea. You can enroll in one of the Korean nursing schools listed above.

Some nursing schools in Korea are located in cities, while others are located in rural regions.  You may just select one that meets your educational needs based on your budget.

Before making a decision, be sure that the Korean nursing schools on your list offer cutting-edge facilities and hospital connections.

#3. Readiness to Learn and Understand Korean

To work as a nurse in Korea, you must be fluent in the Korean language.  This is due to the fact that overseas students who have acquired the language have an easier time studying nursing in Korea.

Employers prefer international student nurses who are fluent in both English and Korean.

Another reason you should learn Korean is that only a few courses at Korean institutions are taught in English.

Some colleges, such as Seoul National University, require all overseas students to present proof of English proficiency (TEPS, IELTS, TOEFL, TOPIK, AP, or SAT) as well as a National English/Korean Test Score.

#4. International students who want to study nursing in Korea must have the necessary funds.

Keep in mind that the Korean embassy will ask you to produce proof of financial capabilities if you wish to become a nurse in Korea.

This is necessary to demonstrate that you can cover all of your expenses, such as school tuition, food, school supplies, rent, and other personal expenses.

All of this might easily add up to USD 2,500 every month.

#5 Prepare Your Documents for Application.

What comes next now that you have a list of Korean nursing schools and proof of your financial ability?

Prepare documents for application. We truly recommend that you prepare your paperwork ahead of time. This will allow you to double-check and confirm that all of the required documents is legitimate, complete, and in place.

To find out what papers to bring, go to the university’s website and look for a list of all the prerequisites for overseas students studying nursing in Korea.

The majority of the criteria are particular to the institution.

#6. Submit Your Application to Various Korean Nursing Schools

As we indicated in the section on researching different Korean nursing schools, you must choose at least five.

The next step is to submit your applications to these colleges. Please keep in mind that you may only begin your application procedure when you’ve determined your eligibility.

Here’s what you can do if you qualify:

  • Submit all documents.
  • Submit a document assessment.
  • Conduct an interview or examination.
  • After all, if you are judged to be distinguished, you will obtain a letter of admission from the institution.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

In South Korea, how long does it take to become a nurse?

Undergraduate nursing studies in Korea are finished in four years.

Is nursing a viable career option in South Korea?

For one thing, nursing employment in South Korea is usually quite highly compensated. Furthermore, nurses in South Korea frequently have great job security and working conditions. However, becoming a nurse in South Korea is not simple. The procedure is extremely tough, and candidates must satisfy certain standards.

Is nursing difficult in Korea?

Nursing is a challenging profession to pursue everywhere on the globe. However, it is unusually difficult in Korea. According to a Hospital Nurses Association survey published earlier this year, nurses in Korea have a 13.9 percent turnover rate, which rises to 29 percent for nurses with less than a year of experience.

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