HealthTech Hub Africa Accelerator 2024 Program for HealthTech Startups

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The HealthTech Hub Africa functions as a hybrid pan-African health-tech accelerator, offering a physical co-working area situated in Kigali, Rwanda. Its primary focus is on propelling the development of health technologies across Africa and expediting their integration into public health systems by collaborating with government partners and global health funders.

The objective of the HealthTech Hub Africa is to aid African governments in addressing their most significant health challenges, especially those encountered by low-income and underserved populations.

Participants of the HealthTech Hub engage in an immersive innovation program, investment readiness masterclasses, collaborative efforts with the public and private sectors, mentorship, and opportunities to trial and validate their solutions within the public health framework.

Growth Startups are either pre- or post-revenue African-registered companies led by African founders operating in specific thematic areas. These startups are expected to offer products or services that yield positive health benefits, employing a meticulous approach to monitoring their impact on various individuals, including clients, patients, community members, and healthcare workers. As part of the cohort, startups can enhance their business models, validate their solutions, and incorporate them into the public health domain.

The benefits encompass:

  • Expert masterclasses
  • Media training, public speaking, and pitch practice sessions
  • Community support, peer learning, and collaboration opportunities
  • Invitation to networking gatherings and hybrid events spanning across Africa and other regions
  • Accessing the HealthTech Hub Africa Impact Framework and receiving training on its utilization
  • Opportunities for startup solution demos and pitching during HealthTech summits in Kigali, Rwanda
  • Mentorship from volunteers possessing expertise in population health and technology
  • Assistance in comprehending national digital health strategies and developing public-private partnerships
  • Free access to high-quality legal services, accounting, marketing, talent acquisition, and accelerated fundraising
  • Introduction to digital interoperability standards supporting integration within the public sector
  • Access to the HTHA public-private network provides pro bono technology credits, advisory services, support for market access, and opportunities for funding
  • Training and access to an interactive platform for growth-level support in structuring and refining business models and preparation of executive summaries

Scaleups are post-revenue African-registered startups led by African founders operating in thematic areas and offering evidence-based products or services that contribute to positive health outcomes. The program aims to aid scale-ups in validating and integrating their solutions into one or more public health systems in Africa.

Scaleups receive the same benefits offered to growth startups, along with media training, exposure, additional investment readiness support, and free access to high-quality legal services, accounting, marketing, talent acquisition, and accelerated fundraising.

For further information and application details,

Application Deadline: December 11, 2023.

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