Impact Amplifier Africa’s $50,000 Safety Fund

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Impact Amplifier is accepting Africa Online Safety Fund applications.

Throughout the past decade, 520 million Africans—40% of the population—have internet access. The internet economy might add roughly $180 billion to Africa’s GDP by 2025.

The Africa Online Safety Fund is going to be handing out grants to organizations in Africa that are working to solve one or more of the safety problems that are made possible by the internet.

There are three different types of funding available through the Africa Online Safety Fund: transformative, maturing, and catalytic. Transformational initiatives aim to cover many locations and vast numbers of people and be scalable. Maturing initiatives test concepts on a wider scale, attempt new ideas inside current projects, and reach new audiences. Catalytic initiatives are smaller, targeted, and maybe local or cultural.


  • Private, public, or public benefit organizations can apply. There will be absolutely no consideration given to individual applications.
  • The Fund will give priority to organizations in Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya, and Ghana but will accept applications from any country in Sub-Saharan Africa.
  • Only applications that follow all instructions will be reviewed.


  • The awards for transforming will go up to a maximum of $50,000, the grants for maturing will go up to a maximum of $25,000, and the grants for catalytic will go up to a maximum of $10,000. In addition to ensuring that your project fits within the category descriptions that have been supplied, organizations are not permitted to seek more financing than fifty percent of their total yearly budget.

Criteria for Selection

The following list contains the major criteria that will be utilized to choose successful applicants:

  • INNOVATION AND REPLICATION – To what degree does the intervention or service represent a new experience? Is it possible that it may serve as a template for other types of interventions? Does it duplicate previous effective programs for online safety that have been implemented in various regions?
  • SOCIAL IMPACT – To what extent is the issue of ensuring users’ safety while using the internet being addressed?  The intervention’s societal impact? What if the intervention is ramped up? Is it scalable? (Is it affordable, sustainable, and replicable?)
  • Potential for success—will the intervention accomplish its goals?
  • Management Team—what is the team’s strength, experience, and precedent for collaboration, objective achievement, and beneficiaries served?
  • Financial efficiency—is the sought money efficient? How do other applicants’ requests, problem scope, and beneficiaries compare?
  • SUSTAINABILITY—will the intervention be financially viable after this grant? How?

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