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Jobs In Canada For Foreigners Without Experience

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Are you considering immigrating to Canada but unsure if your work experience is sufficient? No need to worry! Canada has expanded work opportunities to address labor shortages, meaning even those without experience can pursue their Canadian work-life dreams.

Looking for a job in Canada with little to no experience can be overwhelming. However, we have collected a list of the top 6 (six) jobs in Canada suitable for foreigners without any prior experience to guide you. Please note that this list is for inspiration only, and you cannot apply for these positions directly here. Instead, you can visit job search websites like LinkedIn, Indeed, and the Canadian Job Bank offer job listings. You can find a wide range of job openings in Canada.

Why Does Canada Need Workers Without Experience?

In recent years, Canada has been experiencing a shortage of labor. The aging population and highly educated youth have contributed to this problem, resulting in chronic labor shortages year after year. This shortage is particularly noticeable in the menial labor job sector.

This provides a chance for those with little to no experience to enter significant employment roles that are usually overlooked yet are necessary for a functioning society.

What Are The Top 6 Jobs For Immigrants without Experience in Canada?

Here is a list of Canada’s top ten jobs that are frequently available to Individuals who are immigrants and lack work experience.


Average Annual Salary: $27,300-$34,125

Companies like Home Instead will train you on the job and give you knowledge that will help you in the future. Home Instead Senior Care is a well-respected organization that helps seniors age in the comfort of their homes and face the challenges of getting older with respect, care, and compassion. While job ads will say if you need skills, they will also tell you what you must do. For example, if you don’t have work experience and want to become a nurse for Home Instead, you’ll need:

  • To have a driver’s license that is still good and car insurance.
  • English or French communication skills, kindness, and gentleness are required.
  • Clear a security check and have no trouble with the law.


Average annual pay: $26,000–$32,561

Compass Group Canada is a vast company in the food service business that employs thousands of people. They provide their services to schools, colleges, hospitals, office buildings, senior living communities, tourist spots, sports sites, remote camps, military bases, and other places.

They do business in all of Canada’s significant towns and more than 50 different countries.

The company is ready to train people who are hired and do well. There will also be rewards for people who work. The person who gets the job must have the following:

  • Having washed dishes before is helpful but not necessary.
  • Able to work in a fast-paced workplace. 
  • Preferred, but not required, to have experience with industrial washing machines.
  • Having the ability to perform effectively in high-pressure situations;
  • Having the necessary physical fitness for the work.

Kitchen Assistant 

Annual Salary: $26,000-$48,000

Help out at a well-known restaurant in Vancouver called Max’s Restaurant – Cuisine of the Philippines. There is no need for experience or schooling. You will need to:

  • Receive and process customer orders.
  • General cleaning Dishwashing
  • Food handling is unique.

This kind of job in the food service business can be a big stepping stone for anyone who wants to become a chef, host, or person in charge of the food in a restaurant. The training on the job will help you move up the work ladder.

Room Attendant 

Average Annual Salary: $25,867-$35,526

The Hyatt Regency Vancouver is an industry leader in the hospitality business. This kind of job in the housekeeping area does not require experience, and training is given on the job. A Room Attendant’s job is to clean all guest rooms, treat all internal and external guests according to Hyatt service standards, and keep the room attendant carts, service areas, and closets clean. Some advantages are:

  • Hyatt Worldwide provides inexpensive lodging accommodations.
  • Discounts on food and drinks

Driver Residential 

Average Annual Salary: $29,250-$44,068

Waste Management is one of North America’s top companies offering various waste and environmental services. They are committed to building a solid base of operating excellence, professionalism, and strong finances. WM has a base of almost 25 million residential customers in North America. Business, industrial, and municipal markets. It does this through a network of collection operations, transfer stations, landfills, recycling facilities, and projects that use trash to make energy.

The right person should be at least 18 years old, have a current driver’s license, and have no criminal history.


Average Annual Salary: $22,880-$41,600

The final position on this list of occupations in Canada for foreigners without experience is in food packing. Rich Products Corporation is a food company in Erie, Ontario, and a family runs that. Their cakes, frostings, pizza, appetizers, and unique toppings are used in homes, restaurants, and bakeries worldwide.

Moving to Canada is full of challenges and bureaucratic traps that can stop many people from wanting to move there. You will agree that it is true— especially for individuals who lack work experience or specialized skills that most countries with many immigrants today want and value.

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