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Join IMF Economist Program: Shape Global Policy & Career


Join the IMF through the Economist Program (EP) for a career boost, immersing yourself in various IMF tasks. This program offers a chance to apply your research and analytical skills directly to critical policy work affecting our 190 member nations. We seek young economists eager to make a global impact, bringing the latest economic thinking and multidisciplinary approaches to address key global economic challenges. These challenges include enhancing global monetary cooperation, ensuring financial stability, promoting international trade, fostering employment and sustainable economic growth, and reducing poverty.

• Recent Ph.D. graduate or within one year of completing your PhD in a relevant field.
• National of an IMF member country.
• Under 34 years old when joining the IMF EP program.

The EP provides a comprehensive IMF experience and a unique foundation for a stimulating economic career. Over the three-year program, you’ll rotate through two departmental assignments, collaborating with economic teams working on regional and country-specific surveillance, fiscal, monetary, balance of payments, debt, or related matters. This isn’t a trainee position; from the outset, you’ll handle real work and genuine responsibilities as an IMF economist, which may include policy development, country or regional operational work, research, capacity development, and teaching.
Application Process: The annual application process begins in late September with a notice on the IMF Career Site. Shortlisted candidates undergo interviews between October and January, with offers extended in early February. The selection process consists of multiple stages, some running concurrently.

Key Stages:

  1. Preliminary Interview: If shortlisted, you’ll attend a 30- to 40-minute preliminary interview, providing an overview of your research paper and responding to economic questions related to IMF work, along with assessing interpersonal and communication skills.
  2. Document Submission: Following the preliminary interview, you may need to submit your most recent university transcript, three academic references (not from current IMF staff), a research paper (preferably publishable), or one or two dissertation chapters.
  3. Panel Interview: Successful candidates undergo an in-person panel interview with senior IMF economists and an HR officer. This interview assesses knowledge of monetary, fiscal, balance of payments, and financial sector issues, as well as behavioral skills, analytical abilities, judgment, oral and interpersonal communication skills, macroeconomics knowledge, and the ability to convey complex issues logically. You’ll also complete a 40-minute online psychometric assessment and a 90-minute written exam.
  4. Selection: After panel interviews conclude (usually by late January), all candidates who reach this stage are referred to a senior staff internal committee for review. The committee makes the final selection, with the panel interview and research paper review holding the most weight.

For More Information,
Visit the Official Webpage.
Application Deadline: December 7th, 2023

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