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Learn How to Improve Your Chances of Approval for a Canadian Study Permit

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With its numerous work visa options and excellent work-life balance, Canada has become a haven for migrants. While millions apply to come to Canada to study, not every applicant is accepted.

If you want to study in Canada as an international student, receiving your acceptance letter is the first step. However, things may become more difficult from this point forward.

Unfortunately, being turned down at the embassy is no longer news. Because of the number of applicants vying for a spot, Canada’s popularity has made obtaining a visa somewhat difficult.

Many applicants, for example, drop out of the race when applying for a Canadian study permit. Before you consider studying in Canada, consider the following:

Absence of a Letter of Acceptance

If you fail to include your letter of acceptance (LOA) with your visa application, you may be denied admission to a Canadian school. You must have received your LOA from a designated learning institution on the country’s list.

The authenticity and validity of your letter of acceptance are used by a visa officer to make a decision on your application.

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You should go over the school documents you submitted. Additionally, ensure that your school is legitimate and registered to accept international students.

When You Have Failed to Submit a Bank Statement

If you cannot satisfy the visa officer with your financial records, you may be denied a study visa. You must attach your bank statement or certificate with your application. The financial statement should include your tuition, travel expenses, and daily living expenses in Canada.

When your visa application fails due to show money, carefully review your submitted documents. Before sending in more proof of your ability to pay, try to answer the concerns that have been raised.

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You shouldn’t be frightened by the substantial sum of money that is being asked to be deposited into your account. Since it’s just show money, you don’t need to spend it; just use it to demonstrate to the officer that you have the necessary funds to get you through your first few months in Canada.

Failing to show you will leave Canada after your studies are complete

You must demonstrate that you will return home after finishing your studies because a student visa has an expiration date. You can be denied a visa, for instance, if your financial records show no connection to you or your family.

To increase the likelihood that your visa application will be accepted, you might also need to provide evidence of your prior travel experiences.

How to address a problem of intent:

Students should start with their personal statement to demonstrate that they would return after. Once you’ve done that, make sure you provide the visa office with a thorough account of how you arrived in Canada and left after finishing your studies.

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Proving that you will return home is a difficult part of a student visa application. It does, however, necessitate extensive knowledge of what to tell the visa officer and how to address your intent to study in Canada.

Travel Document Problems

When submitting all necessary documents, including properly completed forms, a valid passport, and recent photos, there is no room for error. A mistake could cost you the opportunity to study in Canada.

Academic Achievement

The first litmus test for studying in Canada is your academic performance. While good grades increase your chances of receiving a study visa, you may be required to demonstrate your English language proficiency (IELTS or TOEFL 

A low score or uneven grades may make it difficult to obtain a visa.

Things to Know Regarding Study Permit Rejection

Before you lose hope as a result of a Canada study visa refusal, we urge that you read this:

How to Overcome Your Study Permit Rejection

The appeal of Canada has drawn thousands of students from all around the world. Yet, at least 30% of these students had their study visa applications denied.

What can I do if my Canada Study Permit application is denied? When IRCC declines your study permit application, you have two options:

  • or appeal the rejection.
  • With a new application, explain why it was denied.

We advise that you comprehend the rationale for the denial of your application. In the letter of denial you received, you may see the explanation for your visa denial. A lot of applicants also want to see the immigration officer’s notes before filing an appeal.

We said that IRCC wants to know how you would sustain yourself financially in Canada. Moreover, if you are traveling with family, the government requires that your “show money” cover your expenses.

How Youthgro Can Be of Service

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We are aware that a lot of students have financial difficulties. But moving to Canada is simple if you take advantage of our study loans and Proof of Funds assistance.

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