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Organization: BIC Nigeria

Nigeria, Full-Time

State: Ogun Jobs

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Job Summary


The quality, affordability, and ease of use of BIC® products are known and liked all over the world. Millions of consumers use ballpoint pens, pocket lighters, and one-piece shavers every day. Because of these products, BIC® is one of the best-known international brands, sold in more than 3,2 million outlets spread over 160+ nations. As we look into the great opportunities that lie ahead, we need hardworking and energetic people to join our team.

We’re hiring for this position: 

Title of Position: Logistics Manager

Job ID: 2974

Location: Sagamu, Ogun

Description of the Position

  • The principal location of the job will be in Sagamu, which is where the primary warehouse is located. At least 70 percent of the successful candidate’s time should be spent here, according to expectations for this part of the job.

Primary Obligations
Warehouse Operations Management:


  • Maintain daily stock movement from production, both physically and in the ERP system;
  • Own and manage all warehouse assets and equipment;
  • Drive asset utilization and maintenance;
  • Maintain regular communication with factory production team, customer service teams, and finance teams on inventory management issues;
  • Adhere to FIFO/FEFO policies
  • Responsible for ensuring that all warehouse operations adhere to quality, health, safety, and environmental guidelines, including reporting, training, and following safety requirements. Use storage facilities to their most potential by stacking and arranging goods according to a predetermined plan.
  • Supply input on warehouse capacity projections during annual and three-year operational plan exercises

Typical KPIs: Safety incidents; warehouse handling damages; lost sales; back orders; returns rate (for domestic customers); MHE reliability; availability; asset utilization; 100% FEFO compliance;
Stock Control; GR within 24 hours

  • Lead cycle counting activities in warehouses, including oversight of activities at 3PL partner warehouses; Ensure BIN CARDS are updated in real time; Drive up to date inventory accuracy.
  • Share daily inventory report (including POSMs) with commercial and manufacturing teams showing quantity, value, availability, covers, and risk.
  • Stock takes should be planned, managed, executed, and reported on at least once a month, and ideally four times a year.
  • Follow up with all relevant stakeholders and approvers to regularize inventory as soon as feasible
  • Drive FIFO/FEFO compliance when appropriate
  • Give root cause and GAP analysis for any stock variations in inventory within 24 of discovery
  • Perform cyclic counting and submit findings on a consistent basis
  • Periodically inspect and clean GIT. We have a 24-hour policy for all local GIT repositories. It’s recommended that you purchase GIT that hasn’t been matured for more than three months.
  • Proactively alerts the company about SLOB and damage, and then works with the S&I planner to catalog and report these issues on a consistent basis.

KPIs: GIT Aging, FEFO/FIFO compliance, IRA%, OOS due to warehousing and Logistics:

Logistics management

  • Manages the function’s freight out to clients and inter-warehouse transfers for finished goods, POSM, gifts, and other sales-related things.
  • Daily follow-ups with 3PL partners for the provision of trucks to load and deliver customers’ orders o Plans, reviews, and aligns monthly and weekly truck need forecast and ensures truck provision meets forecast o Monitors and reviews transport companies’ performance regularly with 3PL partners and Procurement
  • To improve FRDC, design load planning systems to regulate vehicle fill rates.
  •  Map distribution routes and update them for effective deliveries.
  • Reviews and proposes transporters and 3PL partners bills for management action o Conduct continuous improvement initiatives/projects to simplify and increase efficiency.

Key performance indicators include the percentage of 3PL invoices paid, monthly phasing, supply gap/Hit, and added value. OOS:
People Management:

  • Leading a team of ten individuals, including two full-time equivalent direct reports and owned truck drivers o Providing technical and functional leadership to the local team in order to provide exceptional customer service and maximize cost efficiency
  • Establish the structure, roles, and duties of the team, and be sure to keep them updated. Consider the capacity of the warehouse and the logistics staff over the long run, and prepare accordingly.
  • Responsible for the participation, development, and expansion of the FLT operators and warehouse supervisors
  •  Oversees the management of all performance and reward reports. Create SMART goals for the team, and make sure they align with the larger corporate objective.

Cost Management:

  • Control the country’s FRDC
  • Freight and distribution cost
  • Report monthly on FRDS performance and prognosis.
  • Own the national program to consistently enhance warehouse and logistics cost performance via improvement ideas o Provide quality input to the OP exercise annually


  • A bare minimum of a bachelor’s degree in a field relevant to supply chain management, engineering, or management sciences. If your experience is in another industry, obtaining a professional certification in logistics and supply chain management is mandatory.
  • A minimum of four years of experience managing warehouse and logistics activities for FMCG companies that have a significant number of vehicles in their fleet.
  • A minimum of one year of experience managing third-party logistics (3PL) partners responsible for warehousing and distribution.
  • Capacity for Collaborative Work
  • Knowledge of Data
  • Individual Focused on Achieving Results
  • Someone with a focus on the customer
  • Intermediate competence in Microsoft Excel and understanding of packages

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