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Orange Group 2024 Management Trainee Program for Nigerian Applicants

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Orange Group, a dynamic consumer products company headquartered in Nigeria, invites applications from aspiring young individuals for its Management Trainee Program.

As an equal-opportunity employer, Orange Group provides a platform for creative and proactive minds to flourish. We welcome individuals eager to explore new horizons and attract some of the industry’s finest talents. Contact us via email at the address below to become a part of our team.


  • Gain insights into the daily operations and objectives of various departments, like Marketing and Sales.
  • Participate in the organization’s strategic planning efforts.
  • Execute assigned tasks and contribute to day-to-day activities.
  • Participate in workshops, meetings, and learning sessions.
  • Shadow experienced professionals to learn from their expertise.
  • Acquire knowledge about company policies, protocols, and procedures.
  • Take comprehensive notes and liaise with Managers, Supervisors, and senior staff.
  • Meet set traineeship goals and fulfill the requirements outlined at the program’s onset.
  • Adhere to company regulations, health, and safety standards.
  • Assist in document preparation and updates.
  • Learn about conflict resolution and attend disciplinary hearings.
  • Visit various offices and engage in daily operational activities as required


  • An advantage to possess a degree in Management or Business
  • Prior experience in management or related fields (e.g., Sales, Customer Services, etc.)
  • Proficient in MS Office applications
  • Strong oral and written presentation skills
  • Excellent mathematical and computational abilities
  • Effective communication capabilities.

Application Process:

To apply, click on the provided link and fill out the form. Submit your CV and proceed to take the Aptitude test.

Please note the following:

  • Familiarize yourself with the practice test provided at the following LINK.
  • Carefully read and comprehend the procedures before filling out the form.
  • Once the form-filling process begins, it cannot be revisited; therefore, ensure accuracy in your details.
  • Prepare an electronic version of your CV for upload, ensuring its file size does not surpass 5MB.
  • Upon uploading your CV, you will be directed to complete an online Aptitude Test.
  • Have a pencil, paper, and calculator ready before commencing the 45-minute test, evaluating basic competencies in numeracy and comprehension.
  • Successful submission of your application necessitates the completion of the attached test.

For additional details,

Application Deadline: December 31, 2023

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