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Requirement For An Australian Student Visa

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Studying in Australia is an imagination for many students from around the world. Australia is a leading destination for international students due to its world-class universities, vibrant student life, and diverse culture. However, obtaining an Australian student visa can be challenging. Anyways, in this article we will equip you with the necessary details to apply for a visa as efficiently as possible, from proof of enrollment to financial capability. So, whether you are a first-time international student or a seasoned traveler, read about the essential documents you need to prepare for your student visa application in Australia.

Why Study In Australia?

For international students, Australia is a popular choice of country due to its high-quality education system, hospitable people, and stunning natural scenery. There are numerous options available to students, with over 22,000 courses offered by 1,100 institutions. Australia is also known for its research excellence, with several universities ranking among the top 100 in the world. Additionally, students who graduate from an Australian institution are often resourceful and in high demand by employers across the globe. Beyond academics, Australia offers a unique culture and a style of life perfect for those looking to widen their horizons and have fun while learning.

What Category Of Visa Should I Apply To As A Student?

Oftentimes, international students apply for the Subclass 500 Visa. Although, there are various categories of student visas under Subclass 500, dependent on the applicant’s level of education. The Student visa (subclass 500) permits you to stay in Australia to live, study, and work, depending on the length of your degree.

With this visa, you are privileged to work up to 40 hours each week for two weeks throughout the school year and unlimited hours while on study leave. However, you may seek for additional information on the Department of Home Affairs website.

Other Visa Categories are:

Student Guardian visa (subclass 590): allows an individual to care for and assist a Student visa holder under 18 (or older than 18 in extraordinary circumstances).

Training visa (subclass 407): for individuals who desire to participate in “workplace-based occupational training activities to enhance your abilities for your employment, the field of tertiary study, area of specialization, or in a training program for professional growth.”

Basic Requirements For Student Visa Application In Nigeria

Before obtaining an Australian student visa, international students, including Nigerians, are required to satisfy the following criteria:

  • A Valid Nigerian International Passport
  • Recent Passport Photographs
  • Admission or Acceptance Letter
  • Language Proficiency Test Result
  • Proof of Financial Ability
  • Transcripts, Academic Certificates, and Resume
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Proof of Good Character
  • Proof of Good Health.

What Are The Financial Documents Required For Student Visa

Usually, the Department of Immigration wants evidence that you have access to enough fund to pay for your education and stay in Australia.

Below is a list of acceptable financial documentation for a Subclass 500 application. It is optional to display all of them; a mix of one or more will do. These sources are accepted as proof of finances for applications for Australian student visa applications.

Bank Statement: If you are self-funding and your yearly income is at least AUD$62,000, you must present a bank statement spanning at least a year. The bank statement should show the savings accounts of your parents or spouse if they are supporting you. For an Australian student visa bank statement, the necessary lengths must be stated clearly. In this instance, it is one year.

Loan Approval or Disbursement Letter: As proof of your financial resources, if you’ve asked for a loan to pay for your studies in Australia, get a loan acceptance letter from your bank. The letter must include your name, the loan amount, and official seals and signatures. Remember that you may only apply for loans in your name, parent’s, or spouse’s names. Loans from businesses are not allowed while requesting a student visa.

Scholarship: If you have been offered a fully-funded scholarship to study in Australia, you may present it as evidence of funds. However, this situation is uncommon in Australia and only applies to Doctorate programs. However, even if your educational institution provides a scholarship for your tuition, You must still demonstrate that you have the fund to cover your living and travel costs.

The procedure is identical if you have received government scholarships or grants. You must submit a copy of the scholarship as proof that it will fund your education.

There are six designated scholarships and funding arrangements that qualify as confirmation of funds. They are:

  • Australian educational institution offering a grant
  • Scholarship offered by the Australian Commonwealth Government
  • Scholarship provided by the Government of a state in Australia
  • Government-sponsored scholarship from the native nation
  • Any organization with international operations is eligible for this award. The United Nations is one example.
  • Any international scholarship supported by the Government

In certain circumstances, corporate scholarships are also recognized as evidence of financial support for Australian student visa applications. However, in this instance, your course of study should align with the role you performed in the business.

If you work under in government parastatals, you must show that the organization needs what you are studying and that your course fills that need.

Property Evaluation Report: If you have applied for a student loan secured by property, you must also submit a property evaluation report. The financial institution or bank that approved your loan compiled the report. Photographs, specifications, and proof of ownership should be included in the report.

How Long Does an Australian Student Visa Take In Nigeria?

Although there is no precise processing time for visa applications, it could take approximately four weeks. Nonetheless, some factors can impede the processing time, so it is essential to satisfy all eligibility requirements. These variables include:

  • Need for additional tests or referrals.
  • Documents undergo verification.
  • Incomplete applications.
  • Health And Character Requirements For Student Visa

To qualify for an Australian student visa, you must fulfill the Government’s health and character requirements. It demands a health assessment to guarantee that you do not endanger Australia’s public health. You may also be needed to present a police clearance certificate to establish that you have no criminal background.

The Application Process For An Australia Student Visa

To apply for an Australian visa, students from Nigeria must complete these procedures:

  1. Online Account Registration

           You will create an ImmiAccount online as your initial step.

  • Complete the Application Form.

Then, complete the applications with the necessary information.

  • Upload the Appropriate Files

Follow the instructions and upload the relevant documents online by scanning and attaching them. The documents must include a photocopy of your passport, evidence of funds, and certifications.

  • Application Tracking

Your application status can be monitored online. It is possible with your Transaction Reference Number, which you would receive after paying the required fees.

Common Mistakes To Avoid During Visa Application

While applying for an Australian student visa, it is critical to avoid typical blunders that might lead to your application being refused.

  • One common mistake is providing false or incomplete information on your application form.
  • Another mistake is insufficient evidence to prove your financial capacity or educational qualifications.
  • Finally, to prevent delays, applying for your visa before your course officially starts is imperative.


Obtaining a student visa in Australia may be complicated, but following these steps and supplying all required documentation can make the process as simple as possible. To minimize delays or rejections, begin your application immediately and supply all needed information. You may realize your goal of studying in Australia and experience everything this great nation offers with the proper preparation and supervision.

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