Returning to the Workforce After Having a Baby: A Guide

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This article delves into a comprehensive discussion on reentering the workforce after having children, encompassing various relevant details. Many individuals experience career-related challenges when they become parents, particularly mothers who often opt to stay at home during the initial years of child-rearing. Despite the traditional notion, there is a common trend where mothers, once their children enter school, endeavor to reintegrate into the professional landscape. However, resuming work after a hiatus poses its own set of challenges.

Fortunately, several strategies can enhance your employability and facilitate a smoother transition back into the workforce. Let’s explore these measures:

Refresh your CV:

In the pursuit of reentering the professional sphere after a break, it is crucial to allocate time for refreshing your CV. Depending on the duration of your absence, your skills or experience may be slightly outdated, especially if you belong to an industry characterized by constant evolution. Stay updated on industry developments that may have transpired during your hiatus.

Skill Enhancement and Qualifications:

To prepare for your return to the workforce, consider acquiring new qualifications by enrolling in relevant courses. This not only aids in updating your skills but also demonstrates to potential employers that you are proactive and can take initiative. Numerous online courses offered by reputable providers cover a wide array of subjects, ranging from digital marketing to construction. Embracing continuous learning through such courses is a passive yet effective approach to rejoining the workforce after having children.

Consider the option of volunteering or securing an entry-level position as you navigate the challenge of returning to work after a hiatus, particularly if you’ve taken time off to raise children. This reentry process can be demanding, and some individuals, particularly women, prefer a gradual reintroduction to the professional arena. There are two viable approaches to ease this transition:

Volunteering at a Local Charity:

Begin by considering a volunteer position at a local charity, dedicating a few hours each day or week based on your schedule. This endeavor serves as an opportunity to revitalize your skills, potentially acquire new ones, and contribute to enhancing your CV. The experience gained from volunteering allows you to gradually reacclimate to the professional environment.

Exploring Entry-Level Positions:

Alternatively, you may opt to take an entry-level position within an industry where you possess experience or aspire to work. Reentering the workforce at the same level you left can be challenging and overwhelming after an extended break. Choosing a position beneath your prior experience or qualifications provides an opportunity to ease back into work mode with lower stakes. This approach allows you to regain confidence and address challenges with a manageable level of responsibility.

After establishing confidence through volunteering or an entry-level position, you can then actively seek roles that align with your skills, experience, and qualifications, facilitating a smoother reintegration into the professional realm.

Consider Freelancing:

If uncertainty surrounds your readiness for full-time employment, freelancing is a viable option, contingent upon your skills and marketable expertise. Freelancing provides flexibility, enabling you to set your own work hours and accommodate other commitments. Launching a small work-from-home business is also a plausible avenue.

Everyone possesses unique talents, and initiating a freelancing venture or a home-based business allows you to tailor your work hours to your schedule. This approach not only adds valuable content to your CV but also enables you to build a portfolio that can enhance your job search. Numerous freelancing platforms exist where you can showcase your skills, or if you opt for a work-from-home business, such as baking, advertising on your social media channels is an effective way to reach potential clients.

Expand your opportunities by cultivating transferable skills

Broaden your opportunities by cultivating your transferable skills, especially if you harbor concerns about your employability in your previous industry. Transferable skills, aptly named for their applicability across various job roles and industries, enable you to expand the scope of your employment prospects. Many soft skills contribute to increasing your desirability in the job market, and they are relatively easy to enhance. These include communication skills, time management, adaptability, problem-solving, and more. Incorporating these skills into your CV can effectively set you apart from other candidates.


Commendably, taking a career hiatus to care for your children is an admirable choice, often overlooked by society, and its significance is undervalued. The sacrifices made during this period are not always duly acknowledged. Re-entering the workforce after a few years can be exceptionally challenging, and it’s natural to feel overwhelmed.

As you prepare to return to the professional sphere, consider adhering to the guidance provided above. Importantly, recognize that there is no predetermined timeline you must adhere to; prioritize the comfort and happiness of yourself and your family during this transition.

We trust that this discussion on navigating the return to work after having children has proven beneficial.

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