Rotary/UNESCO-IHE 2024/2025 Scholarships for Water and Sanitation Experts

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The Rotary Foundation and the IHE Delft Institute for Water Education have formed a strategic alliance to address the global water and sanitation crisis. Their mission is to augment the number of proficient experts capable of devising, strategizing, and executing solutions in developing and emerging nations. Annually, scholarships are granted to graduate students attending IHE Delft’s campus in the Netherlands through this collaboration.

These scholarships are crafted to cultivate enduring and beneficial bonds between Rotarians and adept professionals specializing in water and sanitation within their communities.

Application Procedure:

The application process entails Rotarians conducting interviews and selecting candidates from their local areas who have already secured academic admission to the MSc Programme in Water and Sustainable Development at the IHE Delft Institute for Water Education. The candidates can opt for one of the following thematic tracks:

  • Water and Health
  • Water, Food, and Energy
  • Water Resources and Ecosystems Health
  • Water Hazards, Risks, and Climate

Application Method:

  1. Apply for admission to the IHE Delft Master’s program in Water and Sustainable Development by April 1, 2024, at the latest.
  2. Early in the application process, locate your nearest Rotary club.
  3. Approach the club and request their nomination for a Rotary scholarship.
  4. Complete the application form jointly with the Rotary Club.
  5. Once the form is filled out, the sponsoring Rotary Club will submit your application to the Rotary/IHE Delft selection committee in The Netherlands by April 15, 2024, at the latest.
  6. Candidates will be notified of the selection outcome before May 15, 2024.
  7. Final approval is subject to formal endorsement by The Rotary Foundation by July 1, 2024.

For comprehensive details,

Application Deadline: April 15, 2024

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