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Scholarships for African researchers offered by the Nordic Africa Institute’s African Guest Researchers in 2024. (Fully Funded to Uppsala in Sweden)

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An opportunity for early-career scholars in Africa to conduct their own research topics in the domains of social sciences and humanities This fellowship provides the recipient with access to the institute’s library as well as other resources that make for an intellectually stimulating atmosphere for research.

The African Guest Researchers’ Scholarship Programme was established by the Nordic Africa Institute with the intention of providing opportunities for early-career researchers located in Africa to enhance their existing lines of study while working at the Nordic Africa Institute. The scholarship provides access to the institute’s library, hosting by academics affiliated with the institute, the opportunity to network with other professionals in the field, and other tools that contribute to an intellectually stimulating atmosphere for study. With the implementation of this program, the Nordic Africa Institute intends to contribute to the creation of capacity in the production of knowledge about Africa as well as promote and establish links with and between the research communities in Africa and the Nordic countries.

The program’s duration

The minimum length of stay required is sixty days, with ninety days being the maximum allowed. It is important to keep in mind that during the months of June through August and December through January, the majority of academic institutions in the Nordic nations, including the Nordic Africa Institute, are either closed entirely or operate at a significantly reduced capacity. Thus, applicants are unable to select these times for their site visits.


The scholarship program is geared for early-career academics based in Africa who are conducting research focused on the African continent. The topic of the research needs to fall under the purview of the social sciences and humanities, with a particular emphasis placed on Africa in the modern era. Moreover, there is a need for the research to be pertinent to the fundamental tenets of the United Nations Agenda 2030, as outlined in the five impact areas of the Institute. This link will open a new window.

The initiative primarily targets two types of early-career researchers:

  • Doctoral students who are full-time workers at African universities or research institutions but are not qualified to receive foreign scholarships
  • Researchers in postdoctoral posts (within 5 years or less of PhD completion)
  • The Institute strives for a balanced representation of women and people from different parts of the world in its academic leadership positions.


  • The prize consists of a round-trip economy-class plane ticket, a place to stay, a stipend of 400 Swedish crowns (about 40 US dollars), an installation grant of 2,500 Swedish crowns (around 250 US dollars), and a dedicated workstation and computer in the Institute’s shared office. Please take notice that only the days spent in Uppsala will get the subsistence stipend.
  • The Institute’s library prioritizes social sciences and modern African writing. Uppsala University and the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences both have libraries that are accessible to visiting scholars.
  • Researchers in residence at the Nordic Africa Institute get the opportunity to present their work at institutions around the Nordic region.

Detailed Description of the Procedure

Apply using the website, and ensure that you attach the relevant documents:

  • a current curriculum vitae that includes a list of publications (if available online, please include links).
  • Detailed description of the study endeavor, spanning 5 pages:
    a comprehensive plan for conducting research.
  • 1 page work plan:
    The plan should include research objectives and anticipated outcomes for the period spent at the institute.
  • Reference: A letter of support that has been signed by the applicant’s head of department or another senior scholar working in the same area, which validates the applicant’s present work place, affiliation, and field of research.

Please remember that your application will not be evaluated if it is incomplete. Scholarships are not available to anyone who is presently or has previously been employed by, or who is otherwise professionally linked with, the Nordic Africa Institute. Please also take note that the application must be submitted in English. In the extremely unlikely event that the Scholarship Programme for 2024 does not obtain full funding, candidates will be informed as soon as possible.

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