Sterling Bank 2024: OneWomen Mentorship Programme – Empowering Success

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Imagine a Nigeria where women break through glass ceilings and do so with a resounding impact. Leadership isn’t merely a title; it’s a harmonious blend of talented women shaping the future. This is the essence of the OneWoman Mentorship Program for Professional Women. We recognize the immense potential within Nigerian women—their drive, talent, and ambition. Yet, we are also mindful of their obstacles—unspoken barriers and a lack of guidance.

The OneWoman Mentorship Program caters to professional women prepared to advance in their careers. It transcends individual success to foster collective growth. By providing women with the skills and confidence to lead, we empower them to contribute to the development of stronger companies, a more dynamic economy, and a nation teeming with potential.


  1. Access to Expert Mentorship: Receive guidance from seasoned professionals dedicated to nurturing your personal and professional development journey.
  2. Networking Opportunities: Engage with a diverse community of like-minded women, fostering meaningful relationships and avenues for collaboration.
  3. Nation Building: Contribute to the construction of a more resilient, prosperous nation by unlocking the full potential of women leaders across various sectors and industries.


The program is open to professional women ready to advance in their careers.

To apply, click here.

For further details,

Application Deadline: May 3, 2024.

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