The Explorers Club & Fjällräven Field Grants (Up to $5,000)

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In an exciting partnership, The Explorers Club and Fjällräven, the renowned Swedish outdoor gear and clothing company, have come together to establish a remarkable grant program. This initiative is dedicated to fostering excellence in field exploration through scientific research.

Guided by Shared Values: This endeavor is underpinned by a shared commitment to conservation, education, community, and the preservation of the human instinct for exploration. As they proudly introduce another cycle of the Fjällräven Field Grants, these guiding principles remain at the forefront. The grant program is a testament to their dedication to supporting exploration and research aimed at enhancing our understanding of the environment, the effects of climate change, and the intricate connections between wildlife and human civilizations across the globe.

A Shared Vision: The Explorers Club and Fjällräven both aspire to unravel the mysteries of our world. They actively support and promote a sustainable future through exploration and research. Fjällräven’s mission is to encourage and inspire more individuals to immerse themselves in nature by creating products that have minimal environmental impact and are built to endure a lifetime of adventures.

Key Grant Details:

  • Grant awards will total $5,000.

Eligibility criteria:

  •  Graduate or post-graduate students and early-career scientists who are engaged in scientific fieldwork in conservation, environmental studies, or the natural sciences.

Initiate Your Application:

Embark on your journey of exploration and scientific discovery by clicking on the link below to access the application portal. Apply Now

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Act now to seize this remarkable opportunity.

Application deadline: November 15, 2023

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