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Top 3 Canadian University Agencies in Nigeria

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Canada has become one of the most preferred and trusted study destinations worldwide. Every year, more than half a million international students, especially from Africa, make their way to different Canadian provinces for their studies. Canada offers a rich cultural heritage and diverse scenery, from the stunning countryside to pulsing cities.

As an international student, you can travel between countries with beautifully preserved castles and estates to world-class museums and art galleries.

However, you need a visa and admission letter to relocate to Canada for your studies. Often, many international students find it challenging to go through the admission and travel process alone. Thus, they seek experts who can make this journey seamless for them.

In Nigeria, we have top educational consultants or study abroad agencies that have made it easier for students to study in the country. Therefore, we picked the top five university agencies that can help you relocate to Canada.

Across The Horizon

Across The Horizon only works with qualified and serious-minded candidates and, as such, has instituted a few steps to ensure that we provide the best of services to those who most need it.

You don’t have to do everything! With the support of Across the Horizon’s counselors, you can find the right school and programme. In addition, they are professionally certified to support you with the right choice.

Its global experts are dedicated to helping you achieve your study abroad and relocation goal within 3 – 12 months. With offices and partners in Nigeria, Ghana, the USA, Canada, Europe, and Asia, Across The Horizon will get you matched with programs and opportunities that align with your long-term career, income, and educational goals.

Lekkside Education Consultants

Lekkside Education Consultants is among Nigeria’s foremost study abroad agencies, founded in 2007 to help international students travel to countries like the UK and Canada for studies. With thousands of students traveling out of the country with their support to pursue higher education, Lekkside Education Consultants has become a household educational name in overseas education.

Motivated by its leadership, expertise, and core values, the agency has focused on guiding and recruiting prospective students around Nigeria for the best education opportunities worldwide.

Whether you want admission to colleges, training institutes, or universities, Lekkside Education Consultants got you. The agency works in partnership with renowned educational agents and institutions overseas. As a result, you can find your dream school with this brand. The brand aims to become a top choice in Africa for students seeking tailored educational services and support.

Avail International Consult Limited (AICL)

If you want one of the best foreign admission consultancies in the country, you can consider Avail International Consult. Whether you want to go to a college, university, or boarding school in Canada, this brand can find the right school and course for you.

From its headquarters in Lagos, AICL collaborates with different universities worldwide. International students who desire life-affirming cultural experiences and impactful education receive guidance to meet their goals.

AICL offers students guidance on visa requirements, application processes, and educational planning. The brand equips prospective students with the best affordable universities and accurate study abroad information. With the AICL team of professionals, you can easily relocate to Canada for your studies.

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