TWAS-CAS 2024 Young Scientist Award: $10,000 Prize for Cutting-Edge Science

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The TWAS-CAS Young Scientists Award for Frontier Science, inaugurated in 2020, acknowledges the scientific accomplishments of young scientists residing and working in developing countries. The fifth iteration of the award will focus on achievements in the field of Life Sciences. Sponsored by Lenovo Ltd., the award carries a value of USD 10,000.


Applicants must be young scientists, not exceeding 45 years of age, and nationals of a developing country. They should have resided and worked in a developing country for at least two years preceding their nomination. In 2024, the award will specifically recognize achievements in life sciences. Self-nominations and nominations from jury members are not accepted, and fellows of TWAS are ineligible. Furthermore, a single nominee is ineligible for nomination for multiple ‘Fellows of TWAS Awards’ within a single year. However, the secretariat reserves the right to suggest to nominators that a nomination may be suitable for another award, with the final decision resting with the nominators themselves.


The winner is selected based on scientific merit. TWAS conducts an initial screening of nominees, after which the nomination dossiers of qualified candidates are forwarded to jury members for evaluation. The winner is determined based on this evaluation.


Nominations must be electronically submitted through the online platform by clicking the “NEW NOMINATION” button positioned at the bottom of this page. To continue working on saved nominations, click on the “RESUME” button at the bottom of this page. While the deadline for receiving nominations is 10 May 2024, it is strongly advised not to wait until the deadline, but to submit the nomination as early as possible to facilitate prompt processing.

A nomination is deemed complete only if it includes all of the following information/material:

  • Contact details of the nominator;
  • Contact details of the nominee (self-nominations are not accepted) along with general information about the nominee, including the country where they have resided and worked in the past two years;
  • Authorization from the nominee (i.e., the candidate) to process their personal data for nomination purposes, in accordance with Art. 13 of the Italian Legislative Decree 196/2003. This authorization must be submitted exclusively through the online platform. The privacy authorization form is available for download in the “nominee’s personal data” section. The form must be completed, signed by the candidate, and then uploaded onto the online platform;
  • Suggested citation (15-20 words highlighting the nominee’s scientific accomplishments in earth sciences);
  • Supporting statement outlining the nominee’s contributions in life sciences. The supporting statement should provide a detailed explanation of the candidate’s work and its significance within the relevant scientific context. The supporting statements should include an assessment of the scientific impact of the nominee’s work. Ambiguous supporting statements will not be considered and may adversely affect the evaluation;
  • A comprehensive and detailed record of any duration spent abroad by the nominee within the preceding two years.
  • PhD details: subject area, year, and awarding institution;
  • Concise details regarding the nominee’s affiliation with academic institutions, academies, and professional societies;
  • Brief information on awards and honors received;
  • List of the 10 most significant publications presented in an internationally acceptable format;
  • The nominee’s brief CV and their complete list of publications must be uploaded separately onto the online platform.

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Application Deadline: 10 May 2024.

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