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Unicaf Scholarship Requirements 2023-24

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Suppose you’re considering applying for the Unicafe Scholarship to enhance your education and increase your career prospects. In that case, it’s important you read this article about the scholarship and university in its entirety.

In this article, we will discuss what the Unicaf Scholarship is, including some information about Unicaf University.

UNICAF partnered with universities in the United Kingdom, the United States, and other European countries to provide UNICAF Scholarships Online and excellent higher academic degrees to students in Africa. Among the current partners are:

University of South Wales (UK), Marymount University of California (USA), University of Nicosia (Europe)

UNICAF Scholarship              

What is UNICAF?

Unicaf was founded in 2013 and derives its name from the University of Nicosia, which is the biggest independent higher education institution in Cyprus.

Although it first focused exclusively on Africa, it has expanded its offering to include scholarships for students from across the world who meet demanding admission standards.

UNICAF has set up multiple affiliated locations and sources of information centers throughout Africa, including Nigeria, Morocco, Ghana, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Uganda, Egypt, Somalia, South Africa, as well as Zambia and Malawi.

More than 20,000 have benefited from UNICEF grants and signed up for a partnership program. It is estimated that the number of students will continue to increase annually.

Learning centers have been set up with digital libraries, computer labs, the internet, and generators to prevent students from studying in areas where infrastructure is insufficient.

“As education in Africa grows, and the demand for skilled workers increases, there are severe challenges for Africans to achieve a high-quality university level that employers worldwide recognize. The market gap is now closing. need, so that the African workforce of 2040 is of global value.

Why study with UNICAF University?

  • We are proud to be a trusted partner of top universities in the UK, US, and EU.
  • Quality Programs by National and International lectures
  •  Degrees with the same worth, acceptability, and legitimacy as all other comparable degrees on campus
  • Earn an internationally recognized qualification by studying online
  • Apply for a scholarship and get an accredited degree at a very low cost
  • Study online, complete it on campus!

About UNICAF University?

UNICAF University has established physical locations in eleven African countries, along with several branch campuses serving South-East Africa, such as Malawi and Zambia. The campuses are intended to provide a range of student services and face-to-face tutorials to support the online delivery model.

Although established by UNICAF, UNICAF University is regarded as a partner university, providing scholarships for students taking courses, whether online or partly in the form of on-campus learning. According to Kevin Andrews, Vice-Chancellor, Unicaf University is in the process of opening new campuses in multiple African locations..

Why UNICAF Scholarship?

The Unicafe Scholarship Program was established to allow talented and disadvantaged students to continue their studies, and obtain an internationally recognized qualification at a low cost, through online study or on-campus learning (only through Unicafe University). Available to students taking the program).

If you are interested in the Unicaf Scholarship, you can easily submit your application online. Every scholarship application undergoes a thorough review process, and decisions are based on both the applicant’s merit and financial status. Successful students receive a scholarship percentage.

What is Unicaf Scholarship?

The popular UNICAF Scholarship Program was launched to provide talented, underprivileged international students from Africa a rare opportunity to further their academics by studying any internationally recognized degree at a very low cost, either completely online or through blended learning.

UNICAF Scholarships is one of the most generous scholarship programs out there that African students receive and furthermore provides opportunities to study at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels, resulting in an award by one of their partner universities.

Currently, UNICEF offers scholarships for web programs offered by the University of South Wales, located within the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland, the University of Nicosia, located in the European Union, and the University of South Wales, located within the United States of America, Marymount University, California.

For the past 20 years, UNICAF Partner Institutions have been continuously providing scholarships to international students. Successful candidates were able to make significant contributions to their respective countries on a larger scale.

Host Platform

The majority of UNICAF’s scholarships are available online, but they may also be obtained through numerous partner universities across the world.

Eligible Group

UNICAF Scholarships are offered to students of all nationalities.


Eligible Study Level/Field

  • The UNICAF Full Scholarship award provides coverage for both Masters and Ph.D. levels.
  • UNICAF Master’s Scholarship
  • Masters in Commercial Administration
  • MA Education
  • MSc Managerial Psychology
  • MPA: Master of Public Administration
  • MSc Health Management
  • MSc Web Design and Development
  • UNICAF Ph.D. Scholarship
  • Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)
  • Doctor of Education (Ed.)
  • Doctorate of Philosophy (PhD)

General UNICAF Scholarship Eligibility Requirements

In order to apply for the scholarship program, candidates are required to meet the following requirements:

UNICAF Scholarship Benefits

The winner of the prize will get a laptop. The other four winners will receive tablets along with monetary prizes of $500, $300, $200, and $100, respectively

Application Guidelines

Students who want to be considered for this UNICAF scholarship must submit an application letter.

  • Each scholarship application must be considered and a decision is
  • Ultimately, the decision is made based on the academic merit of the individual, which includes:
  • Financial status of the student.
  • Partial scholarships will be given to deserving students.
  • Apply and take advantage of the UNICAF Scholarship Program.

Application Closing Date

The scholarship is continuous, and you can apply at any time of the year.

Scholarship Link

To apply for the UNICAF Scholarship, please use the link provided below.


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