Wema Bank Hackaholica 5.0 Hackathon Summit: Empowering Nigerian Entrepreneurs with 90 Million Naira Prize

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Applications are currently being accepted for the WEMA Bank Hackaholics 5.0 Hackathon. Join Africa’s largest community of problem-solvers, visionaries, creative thinkers, and innovators at the annual Hackaholics Ideathon, where we leverage the transformative power of technology to drive change. Hackaholics is a startup competition focused on youth, providing a platform for innovators and startup founders with tech-driven or tech-enabled ideas and products to accelerate the growth of their ventures.


  • Funding to develop or scale solutions
  • Support for product development and integration
  • Increased visibility for your team and solution
  • Access to a community of founders
  • Coaching and mentorship for founders
  • Learning opportunities from industry experts

Hackaholics 5.0 Prize:

  • Winner: N30M in prizes
  • First runner-up: N20M in prizes
  • Second runner-up: N15M in prizes
  • Women-led team: N10M in prizes
  • University STEM endowment: N15M in prizes

Application Process:

Step 1: Visit the Hackaholics website and click “apply now.”

Step 2: Enter your contact details and information.

Step 3: Register your startup along with your co-founders.

Step 4: Upload your prototype or pitch deck.

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