XIV ‘Goal Africa’ Photography Contest 2024: Exploring Biodiversity in Africa

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Entries are currently being accepted for the 2024 XIV ‘Goal Africa’ Photography Contest. Casa África presents its XIV “Africa Objective” Photographic Contest, aimed at recognizing photographs that best depict the positive aspects of the African continent, with a focus on biodiversity in Africa, the theme for this year.

Objective Africa, always driven by the desire to highlight the positive facets of the African continent, emphasizes the environment and biodiversity in this edition. The goal is to promote awareness of Africa’s natural heritage, encouraging reflection on the richness of its biodiversity and the imperative need for its conservation for the continent and the planet. The theme can also extend to climate change and its economic and social impact from a sustainability perspective. Furthermore, the photographs must embody an optimistic outlook, aiming to challenge the stereotypes that have historically characterized the African continent.


The awards for this 14th edition of Objective Africa are as follows:

  1. First prize: €1000
  2. Second prize: €500
  3. Third prize: €300

Application Process:

  • Download, complete, sign, and scan your participation application. Keep the generated PDF, as you will need it to attach to the platform.
  • Prepare your photographs along with descriptions for each, including the location and date they were taken.
  • Keep a copy of your ID or passport on hand.
  • With all necessary documentation prepared, access Mundo Arti (registration is required if not done previously). For any issues during participation, contact
  • Await the jury’s verdict.

For Further Information:

Application Deadline: May 2, 2024, at 2:00 p.m. (GMT +0)

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