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Zendesk Tech for Good Impact Award 2023: Up to $380,000 in Grants


The Tech for Good Impact Awards are offering a unique opportunity for global nonprofit organizations, granting them access to free software and a range of grants with values spanning from $5,000 to $50,000.

These awards are directed towards organizations or projects dedicated to making a meaningful impact in alignment with the Zendesk Foundation’s core impact areas, which include:

  1. Foster Community: Empower connections that provide support and enable people to thrive within their communities.
  2. Promote Resilience in Times of Crisis: Safeguard against disasters and alleviate human suffering during critical moments.
  3. Create Career Pathways into Tech: Bridge the economic opportunity gap and reduce unemployment by facilitating entry into the tech industry.

Benefits: The Impact Awards offer multiple grants ranging from $10,000 to $50,000 per organization, totaling up to $380,000 in available funding. Additionally, Zendesk Tech for Good will supply valuable product and software donations worth up to $380,000, along with Pro Bono support as required.

Requirements: These awards are open to nonprofit organizations aiming to utilize Zendesk software to directly serve their beneficiary communities.

Evaluation Criteria: Applications will undergo evaluation by the Zendesk Social Impact review committee based on the following criteria:

  1. Programmatic Fit: Applicants must illustrate how the adoption of new technology and grant funding will align with the goals of their programs and support their beneficiary communities. Alignment with the Zendesk Foundation’s focus areas is essential.
  2. Impact: Strong applications will emphasize the desired outcomes of their projects, including potential long-term benefits. They should highlight how the projects will yield positive results for both beneficiary communities and program participants.
  3. Scale: Applicants should demonstrate an understanding of how technology and grant investments will facilitate program expansion. Any challenges and strategies for addressing them, including seeking support from the Zendesk Foundation, should be discussed.
  4. Tech Readiness: Applicants should showcase their organization’s readiness to invest time in implementing and effectively using the new software among relevant stakeholders. While Zendesk will offer expert support, applicants should outline which team members will oversee the platform, how staff engagement will be encouraged, and plans for maximizing the software’s impact on the project.

Application Process:

Interested parties can apply by visiting the provided application link.

For additional details and inquiries

Please Visit the Official Webpage.

Application Deadline: November 1, 2023

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